Fix Your Dark And Gloomy Garage: LED Lighting Solutions You Can DIY On A Budget

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No one likes a dark and gloomy garage — unless you're a roach. A poorly lit garage is unusable after sunset or on cloudy days, which can be a major inconvenience if your hobby is doing projects in the garage. The good news is that there are multiple options for adding lighting to your garage space, and it doesn't need to break the budget. For well under $100, you should be able to take this space from dingy to bright with one of the best hacks for your garage: lighting.

Adding affordable lighting to your garage may feel like a luxury, but it is actually also beneficial for safety purposes. It is not uncommon to fall and be injured in the garage because of clutter and lack of a clear pathway. Lighting can fix this by providing you an easy view of where things are in relation to you as you navigate the space. For the most budget-friendly way to add a bit of brightness to your garage, consider adding a couple LED tap lights ($6.79 at Target) to the wall next to the steps leading from the garage into your home. This placement will make it easy to tap on the light as you descend into the garage to take out the trash.

Under-cabinet lighting

A little extra illumination is clearly valuable for any garage, but if your space is somewhat of a workshop, this next solution may be better for you. Under-cabinet lighting can make a huge difference in how organized and well-utilized your spaces are, allowing you to use each square inch of cabinet space. One example is the Luminoodle under-cabinet click LED light strips ($39 on Amazon), which offers a simple installation thanks to its adhesive backing. 

Light strips like this one can also be cut to size if you find that it is too long to accommodate your space. Beware that cutting the strip is final, so ensure you double-check the length before snipping.  Another benefit of an adhesive or easily attached under-cabinet light is that you can affix it to this IKEA unit that Pinterest swears by for tidy garage storage, easily upgrading your entire garage.

While lighting inside or under your gloomy garage cabinets may be a no-brainer, many homeowners forget that you can add some extra brightness to your garage doors. LED wall sconces, mounted to either side of the garage door, are a wonderful way to brighten up the entry into your garage — which can be a wise idea for safety if you come and go before or after the sun. This set of two sconces from Amazon costs about $50. It is also a nice way to make your home more inviting in the evenings or extend the outdoor play of your kiddos before bedtime.

Brighter ceiling lighting

If you are a true craftsperson who needs to operate machinery or use precision tools, under-cabinet and tap-on lighting will not cut it. In fact, you may want even more brightness using overhead lights. The benefit of overhead LED lights is that they create a brighter space overall rather than simply lighting up a corner of the garage. For example, the Barrina LED T5 ceiling lights ($66 on Amazon) could be worth looking into. 

While integrated ceiling lights will require a more involved installation process than the other products, the quality of lighting is well worth the time investment, especially as they can illuminate every spot of the garage, which is important for safety as well as achieving your project goals. With a little research, finding the appropriate garage lighting can elevate your lifestyle on a budget. Remember to make the most of your garage storage with these ideas that will inspire any handyperson.