DIY An All-Natural Hanging Planter With Willow Branches (And Other Cool Options)

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If you're looking to learn new skills while exercising your creativity, you might be in the market for a new DIY project. And if you love upcycling items from around your home or garden, this hack is perfect for anyone who wants to create chic hanging baskets for their plants. Although this craft calls for willow branches, you might not have a tree in your yard. If this is the case, you can always buy fresh-cut willow branches online or look for similar sticks outside. Whatever you use, you just need twigs and twine. The goal is to weave everything together, creating a planter to support your choice of greenery. Since willow branches are flexible, they're perfect for this project. 

For example, Etsy sells willow branches for as little as $20, with the price increasing depending on the length of each twig. You can also buy a bundle of 72" willow branches at Michael's for $20. In addition to hanging baskets for your plants, willow branches are excellent for making wreath forms. This saves you money when crafting and satisfies you with another home decoration you constructed yourself. This is how to use tree branches as home decor or for a touch of whimsy to your patio or yard. 

Create your planter

As shown by TikToker @sow.and.dipity, the first step in making your hanging planter is to grab six willow branches. Make sure each branch is at least a few feet long; you can always trim them later. Next, attach your twigs in the middle using twine. If you don't have twine, yarn is a great alternative, and you can use whatever colors you choose. The goal is to create a six-pointed star shape with your twigs before weaving a thin branch all through the bottom of your hanging basket. You don't have to follow any pattern — just weave this branch until you create a sturdy base for your pot. 

Once secure, grab all your twigs and gather them at the top, attaching them with a piece of twine or yarn. If you find it's too difficult to connect them with just twine, you can always use a piece of tape to hold them together until you attach your string of choice. Next, trim off any excess from the top of your twigs. Add any of the five best hanging plants for your outdoor space, and you'll have a beautiful, chic project in no time! If you're unsure of what to add to your new planter, consider looking at this list of drought-resistant flowers perfect for hanging baskets

Alternative materials

You'll need to suspend your planter somehow, so consider attaching a metal "S" hook at its top. You can purchase them on Amazon for $9. If you really want to up the ante with this hack, you could always add a bit of color and wrap each twig with yarn or washi tape. You might stick to one color or alternative colors for each branch, creating a vibrant planter for your home or garden.

Don't worry if you don't have willow trees around or don't want to purchase twigs online. Serviceberry trees and shrubs, as well as fruit trees, including plum, apple, and cherry, make great alternatives when crafting. Just be sure to choose twigs that are long enough for this craft and flexible enough to bend without breaking. If you have a tree or shrub in your yard with long, pliable twigs, then this should be fine for your project. Remember, vines are also great for an activity like this.

Although it's tempting to jump right into this project, it's important to prep your twigs before crafting. For example, if you use old, dry twigs, you can soak them in water overnight to help them bend and move as you construct your basket. You should also smooth your twigs out, giving them a quick rinse and using an old potato peeler to remove any sharp, bumpy edges that might make working with them a challenge. If you want a rough-hewn look, however, leave your branches as-is.