The Affordable And Easy DIY That'll Update Your Dated Mirrored Closet Door

Is your mirrored closet door feeling a bit passé? It may be time for an upgrade. The good news is that you don't need to budget and shop for a replacement. With a few low-cost materials, you can transform your dated closet door into a style statement that will instantly elevate the aesthetic of your space. If you enjoy keeping up with modern home decor trends, you will love the look of this simple makeover.

This project is beginner-friendly, so don't worry if you haven't dabbled much in the DIY department. A step-by-step video tutorial on TikTok will give you all the details you need to succeed. You won't need longer than an afternoon to complete this DIY from start to finish, and there are easy upgrades you can make along the way that will take your closet transformation even further. So, start gathering your materials and saying your goodbyes to your mirrored closet door. Pretty soon, it will be the dreamiest feature wall in your home.

Simple steps to give your mirrored closet door a modern aesthetic

A TikTok tutorial by @patrickbrooksh demonstrates the easy and affordable way to transform the look of your closet door mirrors. According to the TikToker, this DIY costs under $30 to complete. For materials, you will need masking liquid or tape, Behr Premium spray paint and primer in black with a flat finish, and black electrical tape.

Begin by removing the closet door and placing it on your work surface with the glass facing up. Coat the mirror thoroughly with masking liquid or tape to prepare for painting. Lightly sand the metal frame and apply the spray paint — remember to wear a mask or work outside, as the fumes will be strong. Remove the masking fluid or tape from the mirror and wait for the paint to dry before putting the door back into place. Clean the mirror and wipe it dry, then use the electrical tape to create a border and grid on the surface — you may want to have your measuring tape handy for this part. Combined with the matte black frames, these simple panels will give your mirrored door an instant modern upgrade. If you don't love the grid design, opt for another geometrical pattern, such as wide vertical panels connected with diagonal lines. Don't be afraid to experiment with bold choices to truly make it your own.

More easy DIY upgrades for your mirrored closet door

There are many ways to give your closet doors a decorative upgrade and take your DIY to the next level. If you don't mind sacrificing the function of your mirrors, you can incorporate frosted window film into your design using low-cost adhesive stickers. Another easy way to update sliding doors is to add a pull handle. Self-adhesive handles can be found online in a variety of styles, including modern flush pulls and barn door-style handles.

Your closet makeover doesn't have to stop at the exterior. Adding a lighting feature to the inside will give your closet a luxurious and elegant feel. Motion-sensor strip lights and round puck lights can be found online and in hardware stores for relatively low prices. However, if you choose to illuminate your closet, you better make sure that the interior is nice to look at. Luckily, there are tons of budget-friendly ideas for organizing your closet that you can easily incorporate into your DIY project. These simple updates will give your uninspiring storage space the sleek and stylish revamp it deserves.