IKEA KOPPANG Dressers Are Perfect For Fabulous DIY Makeovers (& They're Easy To Do)

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IKEA is famous for its sleek, minimalist, and affordable furniture. However, the simple designs sometimes lack a luxurious feel, and since IKEA is a popular choice for many, it's common to find the same pieces in many homes. Fortunately, the plain style of IKEA furniture makes it the perfect canvas for creativity. In fact, embarking on DIY projects to turn IKEA products into statement pieces has become a popular trend. IKEA dresser makeovers are a staple of this trend. If you have an IKEA KOPPANG dresser, there are many straightforward ways to transform it and give it a fabulous new look.

The great thing about this project is that it's really up to you how much you want to dive in. You don't need to be a woodworking pro, but depending on the look you're aiming for, you can put in as much or as little effort as you like. Plus, there's plenty of room to play around — you can experiment with different colors and textures on the frame and have fun choosing new hardware. If you're feeling brave, you can even alter the frame to give your dresser a more sophisticated feel.

Considerations before giving your dresser a makeover

Before you start, there are three key things to consider: your budget, how much effort you're willing to invest, and the final look you're aiming for. If your budget is tight, you can opt for simple upgrades like a new coat of paint or adding trim to the frames. For those who prefer not to handle measurements or cut trims manually, there's a handy tool that every savvy DIYer who loves IKEA hacks will want to know about: overlays. You can easily glue these decorative panels onto your dressers to easily enhance their appearance. You can paint the overlays or trims together with your frame or in different colors for a contrasting look.

Instead of opting for paint, you can use wallpaper to transform your dresser, just like annivanderbeek when she covered her KOPPANG drawers with grass cloth wallpaper from Home Depot. Or, take inspiration from Peony and Honey and completely transform your dresser using pole wraps. You can also stick with the knobs that come with the IKEA KOPPANG. Painting them different colors makes a world of difference. If you totally want to change the look, there are tons of drawer knobs and pulls to choose from on Amazon, like this gorgeous adjusta-pull brass square bar, which costs $24.70 for a five-piece pack.

How to give your IKEA KOPPANG dresser a DIY makeover

Begin by assembling the IKEA KOPPANG if you haven't yet. If you're adding trim, purchase pine stop molding to frame the drawer borders or place it just roughly half an inch away from the dresser's edges. Measure and mark where the trim or overlays will go. If you're painting them a different color, do so before attaching them to the drawers with wood glue or liquid nails. Otherwise, paint the trim together with the dresser frame after sticking them. If you prefer wallpaper or pole wraps, cut them to fit and apply them to the drawers or the entire unit.

If you aim to mimic a high-end dresser's look, like the Anthropologie six-drawer dresser or the Arhaus Finnley six-drawer dresser, here's how to DIY it. Start by wrapping the entire surface of your unit with pole wraps (available at Home Depot) or bamboo wraps (found on Amazon). To create a sleek, rounded appearance, make the dresser's top surface flush with its edges by trimming a half-inch from each side or adding half-inch MDF boards on the unit's sides, as explained by Peony and Honey. Then, cut four semicircles from round wood tabletops (also from Home Depot) and attach them to the top and bottom edges. Use brad nails to secure the wraps onto these semicircles. Sand the entire unit, fill the seams and nail holes with wood filler, and finish with a primer and your chosen paint color to complete your transformed dresser.