10 Of The Best Battery-Powered Lawn Mowers, Based On Reviews

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Suburban and small-property homeowners don't need powerful gas-guzzling lawn mowers to keep their lawns in pristine shape. They'll do just fine with electric, battery-powered machines. These electrical tools are quieter, smaller, and more practical in every way for many people.

Traditional riding lawn mowers are a nuisance in areas where homes are close together. They're noisy, smelly, and tricky for people to upkeep. By investing in a battery-powered walk-behind model, you cause less disturbance for your neighbors and have access to a tool that is easier to maneuver and maintain.

If you have less than an acre of land, consider this option to better your local environment, show consideration for those nearby, and optimize your landscaping. The top-rated brands have adjustable cutting heights, ways to dispose of or store grass clippings, and other differentiating features. Below are ten of the top-rated cordless mowers on the market, listed alongside their most prominent pros and cons.

Green Machine's lawn mower has high traction and is easy to store when not in use

The Green Machine 22-inch electric lawn mower has 4.3 stars out of over 200 reviews. It's one of the more expensive options, costing $449 at Home Depot, but you're paying for a reputable brand and good equipment. This mower comes with a battery and charger, forgoing any need for gas or oil. It runs quietly, adjusts to six different heights, and has three options for clippings. You can mulch, bag, or side discharge to your preference.

Keep in mind that this compact mower runs for 45 minutes at most and has a 22-inch cutting width. These features make it ideal for narrow and smaller yards, but the machine may not suit larger properties. The compact size and easy-start features are made for homeowners who want a straightforward, easy-to-use mower. Many reviewers' main concern is that it's difficult to find replacement parts for this machine.

RYOBI's lawn mower is great for mowing small yards in under 30 minutes

With almost 4.5 stars from over 200 people, the RYOBI 18-inch push lawn mower is only $299 at Home Depot. RYOBI was voted the number one cordless lawn and garden brand by TraQline 2022 Dollar Brand Share Sales data, and this machine is their best-rated mower. The cut height is adjustable between two options: low at 1.5 inches and high at 4 inches. It runs for up to 30 minutes and has mulching or side-discharge options to choose between.

Like the Green Machine model, this mower is better suited for compact yards under a quarter acre. It's another casual mower with an 18-inch cutting width. It's mid-sized compared to other battery-powered mowers, but it costs less, and most customers are satisfied by its simple but effective operation. The only unique and repetitive complaint for this model is that the battery cover is flimsy.

Kobalt's Gen4 is affordable and has adjustable functions and height options

The Kobalt Gen4 40V falls in a middle price range of $349 at Lowe's and has 4.4 out of 5 stars from over 800 reviewers. It has a 19.5-inch cutting width, adjusts between six grass cutting heights, and has three functions: mulching, bagging, and side discharging. Many reviewers share that this mower lasts about an hour on one charge, which is high for a battery-powered motor.

Customers are generally happy, but a few people voice their concerns that it doesn't cut well unless your grass is completely dry. High and overgrown grass quickly drains the battery—avoid this mower if you don't maintain your lawn on a weekly basis or have a thicker grass species like St. Augustine grass. The blade also doesn't have much suction, so it may leave larger pieces of debris behind instead of bagging them for you.

Sun Joe's lawn mower is lightweight, maneuverable, and highly mobile for your yard and garden

You can find Sun Joe's 48V battery-powered motor on Amazon for only $299. The price is shockingly low for a cordless brushless mower, with 4.4 stars out of nearly 3,000 ratings. It has a duo charging port with two batteries, six cutting height adjustment options, and a 12-gallon bag for collecting grass clippings.

It has a cutting width of 16 inches, which could be perceived as a pro or a con depending on your property size and shape. Reviewers with less than a quarter-acre of lawn space are very happy with this mower, especially since it is exceptionally lightweight. Aside from an alloy steel deck, it's primarily made of plastic. The handles, buttons, and supports are flimsy compared to mower models with metal parts. Keeping these pieces in decent shape is possible, but you must be mindful when handling the mower. Always pick up scattered debris, like sticks and branches, before mowing to reduce the chance of damaging the mower.

Worx's Cordless Push Lawn Mower is easy to operate around landscaping

Worx 14-inch lawn mower has a commendable 4.5 stars out of 570 reviews. It's priced at $289.99 at Lowe's and is purchasable in tandem with a Worx trimmer and leaf blower. Like many other lawn mower models, it has six adjustable cutting heights and can be set to mulch or bag the leftover grass clippings. This model is also outfitted with indicator lights to tell you when the battery is low, and the collection bag is full. The mower's included battery can also be used to power the trimmer and leaf blower tools if you purchase the entire set.

Reviewers say it works for about 30 minutes on average, lasting longer on smooth terrain and draining faster on tall, unruly grass. One workaround to preserving battery life is to make sure you set the mower on "eco mode" rather than "boost." One person also advises bagging trimmings rather than mulching them because it ensures a better performance. If a 14-inch mower is too small for your liking, an identical model is also available in a slightly bigger 17-inch form, also at Lowe's and Amazon.

Toro's Recycler self-propelled mower auto adjusts to match your walking speed

With 4.5 stars out of over 1,000 reviews, the Toro Recycler 22-inch lawn mower is a pricey but reliable long-term investment. For $649 at Lowe's, purchase this battery-powered machine that mows up to a half-acre in 40 minutes. It's self-propelled with Personal Pace® Auto-Drive transmission, which adjusts to your walking speed and saves your body the stress of pushing it around your yard. You can set it to either mulch or bag, and change this setting while operating the machine. The 60-volt battery can also be used to power other Toro-branded tools.

Ironically, the main complaint about this mower is that the battery is not on par with the rest of the machine. The battery takes over two hours to charge, and the wait makes lawn mowing an all-afternoon or all-morning activity. Fortunately, Toro sells additional 60-volt batteries for $159 each, so you can swap out the power cores as they run out of energy.

SKIL's best bagging mower charges fast and has a long battery life

With a high 4.5 average rating from over 1,700 reviews, the 20-inch SKIL PWR CORE is preferred among homeowners for its seven height adjustment settings, bagging or mulching options, and industry-leading battery. For $329 at Lowe's, you can get your hands on this battery-powered motor that charges up to 30% in 30 minutes. Many people can mow their entire quarter- to half-acre in one go with some battery power left over. One reviewer even claimed to have an entire half-charge left. 

The only complaints are the typical battery-powered push lawn mower criticisms. It's not as long-lasting or powerful as a gas lawnmower but is more optimized than many other electric mowers. However, if there's an issue with your mower, SKIL's customer service is difficult to get ahold of during their busy season, which is in spring and summer.

Greenworks' electric lawn mower comes with two batteries for uninterrupted lawn work

Greenworks 21-inch lawn mower is available on Amazon for $499, with the option to add a blower, trimmer, and LED lights. This battery-powered mower has an average 4.6 rating out of over 2,300 reviews, all of which commend the machine's design and efficiency. It comes with two batteries, so you can mow with one for about an hour and swap it out when the first one dies. This enables you to finish mowing in one go, so you don't have to waste an entire day waiting for the battery-powered mower to charge. It also has five adjustable cutting heights and mulching, side discharge, or bag collection options.

Many reviewers are satisfied with the battery life overall, but this mower drains faster when in the mulching setting. Unfortunately, no battery-powered mower is ideal for larger yards. If you wish to purchase another battery and charger to extend your mowing time, you can find them both on Amazon for $149.99 and $66.62, respectively.

Makita's simple and height-adjustable mower is streamlined and easy to use

Maikita's 17-inch residential lawn mower comes with an additional grass shear tool and is one of the larger investments on this list. Its product page is highly rated on Amazon and Home Depot, though currently, it's only available at Home Depot for $648. Amazon gives it a 4.7 out of over 2,500 reviews, while Home Depot rates it at 4.5. The 13 adjustable height settings, grass level indicator, battery light, and ergonomic handle give the Makita model an edge over competing brands.

The primary concern most people have with this mower is that it doesn't work well on tall grass. Multiple reviewers were pleased with its performance on a relatively maintained lawn, such as one that is mowed once or twice a week. However, once grass grows beyond four to six inches, the grass box fills up too quickly, and the mower doesn't perform optimally.

EGO's LM2100 series mower is all-around reliable and long-lasting

The number one rated mower by online reviewers is the EGO LM2100 series 21-inch electric lawn mower. Lowe's customers gave it an average 4.6 rating, while Amazon customers gave it a 4.7. This is based on the reviews of over 20,000 people, showing that tens of thousands of people have been satisfied with this product.

For $749 at Lowe's or $649 on Amazon, you'll receive a mower with multiple impressive features. The EGO LM2100 includes seven cutting height positions, self-propelled movement, around 60 minutes of running and charging time, and three grass-cutting functions: mulching, bagging, or side discharging. The mower is also collapsible for compact storage, making it easy to store among your other landscaping tools. The front has pre-installed LED lights for cutting at night and around shadows.

A word of warning: the self-propulsion feature works whether you're mowing or not, so you must be careful not to press it while folding up the mower for storage. Some reviewers also claim this feature has a slight learning curve. Despite the brief learning curve, it is easy to master, making it more of an asset than a con at the end of the day.