Brighten Up Your Front Porch For Spring With This Colorful Dollar Tree DIY

One of the most colorful times of year is officially underway, so it's time to celebrate — and by "celebrate," we mean decorate. If you love to adorn your outdoor space with vibrant florals, this unique DIY will add a pop of color to your porch this spring. This charming statement piece is a breeze to assemble, and you will find all of the materials you need at Dollar Tree.

Instead of ordinary hanging basket flowers, showcase your blooms in a hanging sphere that will wow visitors. It's safe to say that your porch will be the only one of its kind in the neighborhood with this whimsical display. And with a minimal budget, you can bring this creative floral arrangement to life. Infusing your home with bright blooms is one of the simplest ways to beautify your living space, and the start of spring is the perfect excuse to do so. 

How to make a beautiful front porch display with Dollar Tree items

In a video tutorial, TikToker @evebydesigns1 shows the step-by-step process of making a gorgeous and affordable flower display. For this DIY, you will need four hula hoops, a pool noodle, and zip ties from Dollar Tree, as well as spray paint and decorative floral wreaths from your local craft store. Note that the Dollar Tree items are only for sale online in bulk quantities, so we strongly recommend taking a trip to your local physical Dollar Tree outlet unless you want to buy 108 hula hoops. (And, let's be clear, there's certainly nothing wrong with owning 108 hula hoops if that's what you feel like doing — it just isn't necessary for this specific DIY endeavor.) This easy project will give your space a floral spring update and infuse it with personality.

First, arrange four or five hula hoops in a sphere formation and zip-tie them together, then cut off the excess tie material with utility scissors. Once complete, spray paint the sphere in a color of your choosing — the TikToker used metallic gold, but any color that complements the wreaths will do. Next, cut the pool noodle in half to make two pieces. Bend each piece into a U-shape and zip-tie to secure. Fasten the floral wreaths to the pool noodles and place them inside the hula hoop sphere. You may want to purchase decor flowers for extra volume inside the wreaths. Set it in a planter or hang it up to add a burst of joy to your front porch.