Add A Pop Of Color To Your Porch This Spring With An Easy Dollar Tree DIY

Whether you enjoy sitting out on your porch during warmer days or love decorating new spaces, the porch could always use some revamping. You could upgrade the chairs, swap out the cushions, or give your old patio table a chic refresh to make the porch cozier. If you already have the perfect setup but want more color, incorporate a fabulous hula hoop ivy display for some green tones. Connect them with zip ties and hang them on your wall to create a beautiful green backdrop. You only need a few things from Dollar Tree to make the décor part of your porch this spring. Purchase three four-packs of different-sized hula hoops and a bag of faux lavender bushes since Dollar Tree doesn't carry faux ivy. However, Amazon sells a pack of faux ivy for $7.99, which you can buy if you're not a fan of purple.

Further, you'll need a spacious area to lay your hula hoops when you zip-tie them together. So, completing this project outside on the grass or cement is ideal. You can easily customize your hula hoop ivy by adding different-colored faux flowers for more color and remote-controlled LED fairy lights to illuminate your porch when you're outside at night. This DIY takes about an hour to complete and is suitable for any DIYer.

How to DIY a hula hoop ivy display

TikTok user @evebydesigns came up with the hula hoop ivy display. Simply lay out your hula hoops on the floor. Choose how you want to arrange them. You can swap between sizes where you have a small hula hoop next to a larger one. Or, you can follow the TikTok user's layout, put the smaller hula hoops in a row in the center, and surround them with the bigger ones. After deciding what arrangement you like best, connect the hula hoops with zip ties. Cut the ends to prevent them from awkwardly sticking out.

Then, tightly wrap the ivy around each hula hoop, covering every part. If you're using lavender bushes, tie them to the hoops with twine or fishline. On the other hand, if you don't want to cover the entire hula hoop with ivy but are using colorful hoops, use spray paint to paint them black beforehand so that you don't have too many colors showing. After all the hoops are covered, now is an excellent time to wrap the fairy lights. If you don't want to include fairy lights, you can finally hang your display on your porch wall. Use nails, thumbtacks, or hooks, depending on your wall, to hang your display. The hula hoop display will spice up your porch, whether you add it to the front of your house or the backyard.