TikTok Found The Perfect IKEA Bathroom Vanity With Sinks For Your Next Renovation

Are you looking for showstopping bathroom vanity changes? There are a plethora of stylish vanities to choose from, and TikTok has some excellent recommendations if you need a starting point. For instance, home-focused TikTok user @thehousewiththepinkbed posted a video showing how she upgraded her bathroom with a chic HEMNES vanity from IKEA. This versatile vanity, which she decorated with rustic contact paper and an added RUTSJÖN sink ($160 from IKEA), suits any bathroom style. Whether you add the contact paper is an optional aesthetic choice, but either way, your bathroom will benefit from a HEMNES vanity. 

There are many HEMNES vanity options at IKEA, such as the highly-rated gray HEMNES Bathroom Vanity with 4 Drawers, available for just under $470. Customers have awarded this vanity rave reviews, praising its simple installation process, value, quality, and looks. The spacious vanity is also ideal for anyone looking to install double sinks. Even if you don't choose this specific vanity, adding a sink — or two sinks, depending on the vanity size — to any of the HEMNES vanities can elevate your bathroom for an elegant look. 

Don't forget to style it

IKEA's HEMNES vanities with added sinks are beyond sleek, so they look aesthetically pleasing without accessories if you're going for a clean and ultra-minimalistic vibe. But, if you want some vanity ideas that can elevate your space even more, remember to style it to make it look perfectly attractive and social media-worthy. One of the best tips for this is to choose the best wash basin for your style preferences and bathroom's aesthetic. For instance, the super chic white ORRSJÖN Sink with Water Trap is available for just $140 at IKEA. Or, if you prefer a rounder sink look, consider the highly-rated white TÖRNVIKEN Countertop Sink, selling for $100 at IKEA and earning high scores for aspects such as value, looks, and quality.

Once you have your sink or sinks, a soap dispenser or soap tray is one of the first bathroom accessories you should shop for to embellish the vanity. If you've added two sinks to the vanity, consider keeping a soap dispenser by one sink and a soap dish by the other for variety. Also, you might want to take inspiration from nature and display a few small plants on the vanity countertop for another charming touch. Furthermore, if you plan to set an ultra-luxurious, spa-like vibe, consider adding a couple of candles, too, and remember to research the best candle scents for your bathroom