Why You'll Want To Consider Adding Mirrors To Your IKEA Wardrobe

When decorating a bedroom, you might not think of your wardrobe as a spot that's in particular need of enhancement — after all, it contains all your clothes, which should make it more than colorful enough, right? But there are a few touches that can transform that area of the room as well. You can add motion sensor lights to your wardrobe, choose unique doorknobs, or add mirrors to the doors. Mirrors on the doors feel especially elegant and add an elevated look. Reflective surfaces can make a space feel bigger and brighter. They can also make a space feel clean and sharp as long as they remain shiny and spotless.

Using a reflective surface to create the illusion of more room is one of the oldest design tricks in the book. According to an expert interior designer, both big and small mirrors can achieve this purpose, so if you have a big mirror, that's great, but small mirrors organized in a grid can also work.

How to add mirrors to your wardrobe doors

First, get mirrors or mirror tiles that fit the doors. If you're working with an IKEA Pax wardrobe system, for example, you need square mirror tiles for the Bergsbo and rectangular or square tiles (if you space them out right) for the Forsand. Mirror tile sets that come in different dimensions, ranging from around $17 to $150, can be found on Amazon. Note that these sets come in pieces of two, four, eight, and 16, so you might end up with some free ones after your wardrobe's makeover. Luckily, there are other ways to decorate with mirrors around the house.

Also note that you might need to cut your mirrors to get a perfect fit. We recommend Googling "mirror cutting near me" and taking them into a store with the right measurements so a professional can help. When your mirrors are ready, stick them onto the doors using double-sided tape and glue like in this TikTok. If your wardrobe has thick doors that are big enough to hold framed mirrors, you can screw them on. Some people might feel uncomfortable at the idea of having a lot of mirrors in the bedroom. To address this, we suggest adding just one or two instead of covering all the doors. One or two half or full-length mirrors are perfectly fine to create some openness and brightness.