DIY A Cute Toilet Paper Storage Solution By Saving Old Tin Cans

Abundant bathroom storage is one of those things every homeowner desires, but it can often be in short supply, particularly in smaller homes without ample shelves or cabinets. This can make it extremely hard to organize your bathroom well. Extra toilet paper, for instance, is one of those things everyone needs, but many people don't know where to stash the large supply. While you can buy canisters and racks for toilet paper storage from retailers, there's also a budget-friendly and ingenious way to create a stylish storage spot for extra rolls that will cost you little to nothing. By upcycling three large #10 tin cans, you can create a useful and pretty canister that's perfect for stashing those extra rolls close to where people need them most.

Even better, all you need for this DIY is an adhesive (like hot glue or E6000), some spray paint, scrapbook sheets or some wallpaper, Mod Podge, ribbon, and artificial flowers or other decorative items. These readily-available and versatile supplies allow you to completely customize the look and feel of your storage cans to fit your bathroom aesthetic perfectly. Discover how to make this toilet paper holder and some tips on customizing it to your liking.

Creating a toilet paper holder with tin cans

Begin by taking the bottoms off of two of the cans but leaving the third one, which goes on the bottom, intact. Add some adhesive around the perimeter of each can, stacking them vertically with a firm seal. Allow them to dry completely before beginning the decorating portion of the DIY. Since you will be using paper to cover the cans, you may want to paint the seams of the cans and the inside rim that will be visible with some spray paint. When the paint is dry, begin applying the paper decoupage-style to the cylinder's exterior with Mod Podge. Then, once dry, add more decorative details like ribbon or artificial florals for a romantic and charming cottagecore décor accent. One you're done, place it anywhere you desire in your bathroom, like in an empty corner or right next to the toilet. 

The stacked cans can accommodate up to 5 standard-size rolls of paper beautifully and discreetly to revolutionize your toilet paper storage. However, if you only keep one extra roll in the bathroom, you can also downsize the project to a single decorative can, which you could place on the vanity or the back of the toilet. You can also use a lone decorated can as a cute loose paper towel or tissue holder as well.

Customizing your toilet paper holder

While the image above uses artificial flowers to decorate the cans, you can fully customize the look of your toilet paper holder to your liking. Choose a paper that fits your bathroom décor, such as one in a specific accent color or with a faux marble look. Alternatively, just leave the cans bare for a streamlined, industrial-modern look. You can also simply paint the cans or add other details like lace or ribbon. For a textured and rustic version, just wrap the cans in rope, twine, or burlap. For a fun kids' bathroom accent, add faces or animal features to the cans for a bit of whimsy or wrap them in children's book pages instead of scrapbook paper.  

If you want to minimize the ribbing on the cans for a smooth look, you can cover the container with some caulk or plaster of Paris to smooth the surface before applying the paint or paper. While this toilet paper storage canister typically leaves the top open to see what's inside it, you can also create a lid out of a wooden disc that's the same diameter as the can's top.