Creative Basement Laundry Room Ideas That'll Bring The 'Wow' Factor To Your Space

Laundry day always feels like a chore, and it can feel even worse if you have to go into a dingy basement laundry room. But your laundry room doesn't have to feel this way! For spaces big and small, we've rounded up some basement laundry room ideas to use as inspiration for your space at almost any budget. Even if yours is unfinished, we've included a few affordable ways to make it cozier. Finished laundry rooms tend to look nicer, though, so if you're also planning on renovating or dressing your current space up, we've included plenty of ideas for designing your new space.

Some ideas on our list are straightforward DIYs, while others are more involved projects, but they all have the goal of elevating and creating a functional laundry room. We mainly focus on aesthetic improvements that can update your basement laundry room. Improve form and function, and make your laundry room an area you actually want to spend time in with these creative design ideas.

Make your washer and dryer look built-in

If your basement is an open, multi-purpose space, you don't want something as boring as your washer and dryer to be the main focus. Create a built-in nook for your front-loading machines. A nook keeps them accessible and lets you reclaim some floor space. If you opt for an interesting wall, like a shiplap wall or patterned wallpaper, it will draw your eye away from the machines. Beyond looking elegant, these nooks also raise your washer and dryer so they're easier to use. You can also add a pull-out shelf along the bottom edge of the nook to give your basket a spot to rest while you're changing loads.

Use wallpaper to add personality

A little bit of wallpaper can go a long way when it comes to dressing up a room. Consider a wallpaper accent wall to bring pattern and personality, without overdoing it in a small space. Choosing the right wallpaper for an accent wall can transform a compact room like a laundry room. Don't be afraid to experiment here either — it's a room without much guest foot traffic, so why not play with the decor? There are plenty of peel-and-stick options for DIYers too, so you can install new wallpaper if you want a different look.

Add decorative faux tile panels

If you're in for a full-scale renovation, you can opt for real tiled walls. However, if you just want a quick laundry room facelift, there are easy-to-install faux options. This video from The Sorry Girls uses tin ceiling tiles to get a distinctive look (you can grab a similar option like the American Tin Nail-Up Ceiling Tiles for $58.99 from Amazon). Opt for plain white tiles, like the Art3d Premium Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash ($29.99 from Amazon), for a clean and simple look. A more traditional pattern also looks beautiful in the laundry room. The In-Home NH2365 Tuscan Peel & Stick Tiles cost $14.45 from Amazon and can bring stunning patterns and color to a wall.

Stencil a wall

Instead of sticking wallpaper or tiles to your walls, maybe you prefer the versatility of paint. After all, you'll get to choose your perfect shade. If you want to paint but also want to add some patterns, use wall stencils. These come in a huge range of designs, from floral patterns to geometric shapes to ornate damask motifs. To get a starburst pattern similar to this photo from @simplepaintedwhite, try the Star Tile Stencil (starting at $14.95 from Cutting Edge Stencils). Or if you want a similar look but more minimalist, look at the Stencilit Starburst Wall Stencil for $30.90 from Amazon.

Paint the ceiling

Painting the ceiling is one way to make an unfinished basement feel more welcoming. A coat of paint can give the illusion of a finished ceiling, without the need to install drywall or a drop ceiling. Some homeowners may even prefer this slightly industrial look over a finished ceiling. If you have a finished ceiling, paint can really tie together a color scheme. If you want some pattern, consider wallpapering the ceiling to make it even more eye-catching. 

Lean into dark colors

It makes sense to gravitate towards light colors to make a basement feel brighter, but that's not the only option. Light colors can open up a basement space, while darker shades will make it feel more cozy. If you prefer the latter, lean into dark shades and make your basement laundry room an enveloping, comfortable space. Dark wood stains and deep cabinet hues can help achieve the right ambiance. Dim lights will look nice in this space, however, in terms of practicality, you'll want at least one bright overhead light so you can treat stains and double-check that laundry is clean.

Use curtains to partition off the laundry area

If it's an unfinished space, your basement laundry room might not even be a room but rather a laundry corner. In an ideal world, putting up some walls will make the space look much nicer. If that's not in the budget, though, some curtains can make a temporary barrier. Hang curtains from the basement ceiling — this is particularly easy with an unfinished ceiling where you can mount a curtain rod or wire right to the rafters. For a more renter-friendly option, you can also use heavy-duty Command hooks.

Foam tile flooring offers an instant and affordable flooring upgrade

Foam tile flooring is an excellent choice for a basement. It works nicely over concrete flooring, adding some padding and insulation. An option like the Trafficmaster Thick Foam Flooring Tiles costs only $0.83 per square foot from The Home Depot and is fabulous for a basement home gym or play area. You can use it for your basement laundry room as well if you're looking for a budget-friendly option. If you can spend a little more, there are other more stylish options. You can grab faux wood foam tile flooring like the Great Mats Wood Grain Foam Floor Tiles for $2.40 per square foot from The Home Depot. Faux tile patterned foam floors are also available, like the Milan Interlocking Foam Floor tiles, which cost $11.99 per pack from Hobby Lobby.

It's possible to paint many basement floors too

Foam floor tiles are a great idea in a pinch, but it's usually possible to see their interlocking pieces. If you're after a more permanent upgrade, consider painting your floors. Most basement floors are made of concrete, so they're possible to paint. You can use floor stencils to achieve a lovely pattern, like in this example from @jessica.d.richard, or you can go for a solid color. Use a concrete paint for longevity and make sure to avoid these common mistakes people make when painting concrete floors.

Wallpaper the ceiling to add more pattern to the room

It's an often-overlooked spot for decorating, but you can make such a statement with wallpapered ceilings. This is a great choice for upgrading a laundry room in particular. With many laundry room layouts, you won't even have to move machines, cabinets, or furniture out, but can just add wallpaper to the ceiling. Paired with plain walls, the ceiling wallpaper can create a statement piece. Or you can mix two patterns, like in this example from @a.dabbled.dwelling to create a memorable basement laundry room.

A wood slat accent wall really ups the coziness factor

If you're trying to make a cozier basement laundry room, wood accents can create the warmth you're looking for. A wood slat accent wall is fairly easy to install: You just need to attach wood planks to the wall. The design is simple, but it creates an eye-catching effect without much effort, especially when it's on a plain background. Similar to the other laundry room inspiration on this list, lighter wood will make a room look bright and airy, while dark wood hues feel deep and moody.

Add a mirror to create the illusion of a window

A lot of basement laundry rooms don't have the luxury of a window (or even the possibility to add one). You can create a fake window using a mirror. Sure, it won't let natural light in, but it will reflect the light in your space to make it feel more open. Any old mirror will do the trick for brightening a space, but to truly create a window-like appearance, opt for a framed mirror, like the Barnyard Designs Wood Farmhouse Wall Mirror for $139.95 on Amazon.

Choose statement light fixtures

A boring basement laundry room can become beautiful with the right light fixtures. This laundry room from @jennyreimold is gorgeous but a bit plain. With the addition of a few chandeliers, it suddenly looks a lot more glamorous. Chandeliers and other statement light fixtures aren't usually what you might think of for a laundry room, but they really can elevate these smaller spaces and draw the eye upwards. Not to mention, they also provide some much-needed light for your cleaning tasks.

Stack machines in a tight space

Stacking machines in a small laundry room just makes sense. There are a few ways to make stacked machines look intentional and not like you've just squeezed them into a corner. The shelf design in this post from @stylewithmuse does a great job, with shelves that make the machines look built-in to the wall. A little extra space along the top and the sides is very useful (if you can spare it), providing you a spot to tuck laundry day accessories.

Use lighting strategically

One major downside of most basement laundry rooms is the lack of natural lighting. If you have a window, no matter how small, try to situate your laundry room to take advantage of the light. Bright overhead lights are a must for you to be able to examine laundry and treat stains. But that doesn't mean softer lighting doesn't have its place. Place lights under the shelves to brighten up the area that overhead lights might not reach. This light placement can help make your laundry room feel more open and bright. There's no need to wire in lights either. Puck lights will do almost as well, and they're affordable. For example, you can grab a two-pack of GE Wireless LED Puck Lights for $8.79 on Amazon.

Choose a cohesive color scheme

A new lick of paint can make a big difference in both old and new basement laundry rooms. Your outdated cabinets can look a bit more modern with the right hue, and a good color palette can elevate a new laundry room even more. Think about how you want your finished laundry room to look before choosing a color scheme, keeping its basement location in mind. Pastel and bright colors can make a basement laundry room look more cheerful. Dark and rich colors lean towards a more sophisticated and mature ambiance.

Dress up your sink area

A laundry room sink doesn't have to look boring and utilitarian. This project from @mukenshome updates the laundry area sink and makes it look like it belongs in a luxe bathroom. You can do the same, while keeping a large utility sink, to strike a balance between style and function. The backlit mirror is a gorgeous touch for a cozy basement laundry room, and the scalloped tile wall is a beautiful accent that draws your focus away from the unfinished parts of the basement.

Fill the space with shelving

If your home somehow feels like it's always running out of storage space, then take full advantage of your laundry room walls. You can do so by adding shelves that reach all the way to the ceiling. There's no need to leave that typical gap at the top if you're hurting for storage space — use all the space up! Since many basements have a lower ceiling, the top shelf should still be reachable. If you want to hide clutter (after all, basements can be a catch-all spot for odds and ends), use baskets to keep the mess contained.

Add artwork

Your laundry room should be decorated to your taste, so if you have artwork all over the house, make sure to put some in the laundry room too. Adding artwork can make your laundry room design look intentional and tie it to other themes in your home decor. You could play around with placement, mounting some pieces on the wall, and putting other artwork on shelves or on a picture ledge. Just like in any other room, framing the artwork can make it look a lot more put together.

Play with contrasting colors

Contrasting colors can make any room pop, and mixing bright and dark is one way to bring the wow factor to your basement laundry room. You can try a new paint color or work with what you have. For the latter, consider your current color scheme and add accessories to complement it. For example, if you have dark walls, white shelves and light-colored accents really pop out. On the other hand, if you have light walls, you can add dark pieces to make the room feel more centered and less airy.

Make a laundry closet

Whether you have a small basement or you just don't want to waste any usable basement space, a laundry closet is a smart solution. It's essentially a laundry room that you can't step into — you just open the closet doors and reach in to do your chores. A laundry closet doesn't have to be boring, though, and you can use many of the tips on this list to dress it up. For example, this one has a tile backsplash that makes the inside of the closet look neat and tidy. It also takes advantage of upper shelf space to offer extra storage.

Install vintage cabinets

It's easy to find examples of modern laundry rooms, but if that's not your style, there's no need to follow current trends. If you love all things vintage, bring that love into your basement laundry room as well. Instead of opting for typical cabinets, consider installing a vintage cabinet sourced from a thrift store or vintage reseller. This laundry room is so homey, with a distinctive wood cabinet that adds a certain character that most modern pieces cannot.

Build a combined bathroom and laundry room

If you're planning a full on basement renovation, you might want to consider combining a basement bathroom with a laundry room. It doesn't hurt to have an extra bathroom in most homes, even if it's just for occasional overnight guests. Fitting in the washing machines in the bathroom kills two birds with one stone. You can then turn the old laundry area into something else entirely — maybe a spare bedroom or an extra storage space?

A shiplap accent wall makes a room feel so cozy

A shiplap wall is a favorite for renovators looking to walk the line between modern and cozy. It's a good option for a basement laundry room if you want to have a textured accent wall rather than just using paint or wallpaper. There is one downside to having a shiplap wall in the laundry room: The panels can become dust magnets, which isn't ideal in a room with a dryer. If you want the look but don't really care for the shiplap texture, you can use a peel-and-stick wallpaper to get a similar pattern. The NuWallpaper Shiplap Vinyl Peel & Stick Wallpaper costs $59.98 from The Home Depot and is an easier-to-clean alternative.

Fixtures really matter

If you like the overall style of your current laundry room, but feel like there's a little something missing, updating your fixtures might be all you need to make your space stand out. It's a small change, but it can make all the difference. Consider trying new pulls for your laundry room cabinets and, as we mentioned previously, new lighting fixtures make a big impact too. Match the cabinet accessories to your lighting fixtures to tie the room together.

A monochrome laundry room always looks classy

Black and white is a timeless combination — simplicity is on its side. If you want your basement laundry room to look nice for years to come, use white and black as the base colors for your space. It's basic and rather unassuming, but if you have a majority white base, it can brighten up your basement room. Since it's so neutral, you can always add other pops of color to style the laundry room to your current tastes.