The IKEA Find That's Perfect For Air Drying Laundry In A Small Space

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If you have a small space, then you understand the importance of collapsible items for your home, especially a DIY laundry room folding station. Even if you have a big house, there are tons of reasons to opt for portable items that collapse after each use, keeping your space effortlessly neat and organized. But what if you need a designated place to dry your clothes? The same is true of delicates that require air drying. Fortunately, like the countless other items in their supersized warehouse, IKEA has the perfect solution: The FROST drying rack. You can configure this stylish and super handy item in various ways, providing the best space to dry all your clothes regardless of size or shape. 

This means you can comfortably dry extra-long stuff or several smaller items, folding the FROST up after use and tucking it away. It's worth noting that not every garment can handle heat dryers. For example, elastic bands can easily be ruined in the dryer, melting under the heat. This means you'll have to replace clothing faster than if you were to air dry it. Other materials that benefit from air drying include wool, silk, and polyester, silk being an absolute must. Unless you want to have clothes hanging from your drapes, it's best to invest in something portable that you can slide under your bed, or in a closet, when not in use. This makes a rack one of the best pro tips for air drying your laundry

Use your foldable IKEA FROST

Even if you've got plenty of space, foldable drying racks are an excellent way of saving precious real estate for more important things. Just be mindful of the rooms you hang your clothes in, bathrooms included. Yes, they ensure that the rest of your house doesn't become overrun with clothing, but there are drawbacks. As Laurence Smith, cleaning expert at In The Wash, warned Express: "It's already a damp space and you don't want to add more humidity to the air. Plus, clothes will take longer to dry in an already damp room." 

Consider investing in a dehumidifier when hang-drying clothes, which will further reduce drying times. You can purchase a small dehumidifier on Amazon for around $42. Additionally, you can also shake your clothes to help them air dry faster when hanging your laundry. If the FROST is out of stock or doesn't ship to your area there are plenty of other affordable options. The JÄLL is cheaper at $11.99 but it's also much smaller. For about $40, the MULIG is similar to the JÄLL, except that it has two side drying racks. 

Sometimes drying racks leave creases in your clothes, but you can avoid this by using hangers to dry shirts. Other alternatives include heated drying racks. These are permanently installed in your bathroom and are excellent for drying towels, working to reduce bacteria. You can also use them to dry clothes, but be careful of the material, as delicate items might melt or not hold up to their high temperatures. Additionally, these racks can reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit, so be careful when using them around children.