Why You Should Start Using Magic Erasers To Clean Your Baseboards

Everyone has their least favorite weekly household cleaning task. Baseboard cleaning falls into this category for many people. This is no surprise, considering this chore often consists of getting down on your hands and knees to attempt to scrub away stubborn grime. Unfortunately, this stuck-on dirt may or may not put up a fight that leaves your arms fatigued. What if there was an easier way to clean your baseboards? Magic Erasers are the solution to all of your baseboard cleaning frustrations.

This popular cleaning tool is perfect for baseboards because it does a great job of removing stubborn grime that a regular washcloth cannot tackle. Magic Erasers are also a particularly convenient scrubbing tool because you do not have to use any sort of cleaning solution with them. Simply dampen them with water to activate all of their grime-fighting benefits. This is great for those who prefer to clean without using harsh chemicals. If you have dirty baseboards that need a refresh, consider using a Magic Eraser to get the job done.

Magic Erasers make it easy to clean baseboards

Magic Erasers are great at cleaning baseboards because of their clever design. They are harsh enough to remove stuck-on grime but gentle enough to leave paint intact. Other, more abrasive scrubbing sponges on the market cannot safely be used on baseboards without the risk of scratching paint. For those curious about the science behind the Magic Eraser, Mr. Clean senior scientist, Morgan Brashear, spoke to MarthaStewart.com about how the product works. Brashear explained how the Magic Eraser tiny air pockets do the job. "At a microscopic level, the web of material surrounding the air pockets look like tiny upside-down triangles," the scientist revealed. "The struts, or the bottom points of the triangles, catch on the soil—whether it's a scuff mark, soap scum, or buildup of grease and grime—and drag across the surface, like a windshield wiper."

It's easy to use a Magic Eraser to clean your baseboards and take advantage of this impressive design. Simply wet the sponge with hot water, wring it out, and begin making your way across all of the baseboards in your home. If you have stuck-on food or other grime that would be better removed with a washcloth, tackle that first before using the Magic Eraser. There is one mistake you need to avoid when cleaning your baseboards with this product. Many baseboards are made of unpainted finished wood or natural wood, which can easily be scratched. Only use a Magic Eraser on painted wood or non-wood baseboards.