How Much It Might Cost To Install 10 Different Types Of Appliances In Your Home

According to 2024 U.S. Houzz & Home Study, 56% of respondents took on home renovation projects in 2023. While updating your home can certainly bring more value to the space and ensure that it aligns with your personal style as trends change, the median cost spent on these projects was a whopping $24,000, a price tag that many people aren't willing or able to spend. Therefore, when it comes to these remodels, it's important to consider what you actually need to swap out in order to make a difference. A full kitchen remodel, for example, can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take months of effort, from coordinating your backsplash and your cabinets to adding on those final touches that make the space functional. Sometimes, it pays off to take a more pared down approach. Instead of fully revamping the space, consider simply updating your home's appliances. 

If you're able to get a good deal on the appliance itself, all you have to worry about is the cost of installation. The exact dollar amount will, of course, depend on who you hire, your location, and the specifics of the install, but knowing what to expect can help arm you with the knowledge you need to improve the look and functionality of your home without shelling out cash unnecessarily. Here's what you can expect to pay to install 10 of the most common home appliances.

1. Refrigerator

The refrigerator is typically the largest appliance in the kitchen, so swapping it for a new model when it's time to replace your fridge can make a massive difference in the overall look of the room. Fortunately, despite this massive impact, refrigerators typically aren't that expensive to install. The actual installation isn't particularly complex in most homes, so most of what you're paying for is transportation and proper positioning. You can expect to spend anywhere from $75 to $250 for this job, but it is important to consider that the cost could shoot up significantly if you're opting for a built-in model that's designed to blend in.

2. Microwave

Microwaves are one of the smallest and least expensive appliances out there. In many situations, you won't even need a professional's help to install them, especially if they're just going to sit on your countertop. If you want them to look more intentional in your kitchen, however, you can have them mounted or installed into a space alongside your cabinets. This install could run you anywhere from $70 to $500, with more involved installations that require you to alter your existing cabinetry typically making up the more expensive side of this price range.

3. Cooktop

When it comes to kitchen remodels, the best way to ensure that you'll stay on budget is by working to improve your existing setup rather than attempting to start from scratch. One of the places where this is the most true is when it comes to your cooktop. Cooktops need to be connected to a gas line or electrical outlet. Therefore, if you're simply replacing an existing cooktop, it's best to keep it in the same location. This simple installation should only cost $70 to $370, but costs will be much higher if you need to alter the location of a gas line or switch up your wiring.

4. Dishwasher

The dishwasher is another appliance that's simple to replace if you're swapping it out for a new model but quite a hassle to install initially. You'll likely pay $110 to $500 if you just need to remove your old dishwasher and place a new one in the same spot. If you're changing up the cabinetry, however, costs will rise significantly and likely put you around $2,000. Costs can also soar if you need to install new plumbing for your appliance, so tack on anywhere from $1,270 to $3,200 if you're planning for a more involved project or installing a dishwasher for the first time.

5. Freezer

A lot of the time, freezers and refrigerators are combined into one unit to save space. However, if you need extra room and you're planning to install two separate units, you also have to factor in the additional cost of labor. Luckily, freezers and refrigerators both take about the same amount of effort to install, so in both cases, you're basically just paying for someone to transport a heavy appliance into place. This install should only cost around $150 to $250, similar to a refrigerator installation. To save money, consider installing both at once — you may be able to get a better deal.

6. Garbage disposal

Garbage disposals aren't seen as a necessity in many kitchens, but if you frequently find yourself having to fish food scraps out of the drain after preparing to cook or cleaning up after a meal, they can seriously improve your setup. If you already have a garbage disposal and are just looking to upgrade to a new model, installation will likely cost around $100 to $250. This cost does go up if you need to add a wall switch to turn your disposal on and off, as it takes a bit of rewiring and more involved electrical work to connect it to an additional component.

7. Range

Rather than installing a separate cooktop and oven, many homeowners instead opt for a range that combines both into one appliance to save money on their kitchen remodel. While this can help save space and reduce what you spend on the unit, it can also cut down on your installation costs as you only have to worry about installing one item. If you're only replacing an existing appliance and you already have the necessary wiring or hookups available, you should only have to pay around $100 to $300 for an install. Prices can, of course, go up if you need to make more major alterations to the area.

8. Range hood

Range hoods are a necessity in the kitchen, especially if you find yourself frequently cooking dishes that produce a lot of smoke, grease, or strong smells. These mounted appliances help to suck up the air directly over your range and filter it out of the space before it has a chance to make its way through the rest of the home. Additionally, these hoods often have convenient lights that can help you better see your culinary creations, making them a fantastic cooking companion. However, because they're mounted, they can often be more expensive to install, usually falling in the $100 to $500 range.

9. Wall oven

If you don't have a range that includes both an oven and a stovetop in one appliance, it's likely that you instead have a wall oven. These appliances are usually more low profile than ranges but they come at a cost. If you're replacing your existing wall oven, installation costs will only be around $150 to $300, but you can expect to add on anywhere from $200 to $225 if you need to alter your cabinets. Things can get even more expensive if you want to build cabinets to conceal the oven, and a custom project will likely increase your budget into the thousands.

10. Washer and dryer

Washers and dryers might not be the first appliances that come to mind when you're remodeling, but it can certainly pay to update your laundry setup, too. Luckily, swapping out your existing washer and dryer is usually an easy job. A simple switch should only run you about $50 to $175, but costs can jump significantly up to $650 to $2,000 if you need to move your hookups to a new spot in the home. To save money, try to keep your washer and dryer in the same location and have them both installed at the same time so you only have to hire one technician.