Turn A Basic Closet Into An Amazing DIY Loft Bed Thanks To This TikTok Creator

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Loft beds are a small space hack that allow homeowners to maximize their square footage by utilizing vertical space. Raising the height of the bed off the ground creates space below for storage, hanging clothes, workspace, reading, or whatever other creative uses they need in their home. In a triumph of small space maximization, one creative TikToker shows how she transformed her son's standard closet into a fantastic loft bed by constructing a 2x4 floating support frame within the four walls of the closet and adding plywood as a base for a mattress.

While a standard closet may be too small to sleep an adult, it is the perfect size for a cozy kids sleeping nook. Besides, what kid doesn't love the treehouse vibes of a loft bed or upper bunk? With a few 2x4s, a sheet of plywood, and an empty closet, this weekend DIY project will create a new sleeping space, add room below for storage or fun, and gain back square footage in the room that was previously occupied by a bed.

How to transform a closet into a loft bed

As the TikTok video shows, begin the DIY by demoing out any existing closet storage to leave a blank canvas for the project. Next, use a stud finder to locate all studs along the closet walls and mark them. To determine the height of the loft bed, be sure to measure the hanging clothes or other items you intend to store underneath to ensure you have enough space. The TikTok DIY looks to have the bed mounted about three to three and a half feet from the floor.

Now that the space is prepped, cut two 2x4s to the width of the closet and secure them at your desired height to all studs on the back and front walls. Repeat for the two side walls, securing them to the side walls and other 2x4s. Cut at least two 2x4s to act as slats to support the underside of the bed, then use a jig and these TikTok tips to create perfect pocket holes to secure the slats into place between the front and back boards. Once the 2x4 support structure is in place, cut a sheet of plywood to sit on top and secure it to the boards, creating the base for the mattress. Finish the project with a decorative front trim board to cover the plywood base and a wood safety rail on one side for security.

Design details and customization

Once the basic loft bed is in place, it is time to style the loft bed for your specific space and needs. The TikToker added a wood slat wall, twinkle lights, a name banner for their son, a closet hanging rod mounted below the loft bed for clothes storage, and a step stool to get up and down from the bed. To personalize your loft bed closet space, try adding a fun accent wall with wallpaper or paint your own wall mural. Perhaps add a cool ladder for getting into bed or even a fun slide if your space allows. Task or atmospheric lighting additions are a must for cuddling up with a good book or creating the right sleepytime vibes. The space underneath could be toy storage, play space, a reading nook, or even a second bed for sleepovers!

Most importantly, make the space feel cozy so it becomes a truly happy place for your child. Since most standard closets are 24 inches deep, you will likely not be able to fit a twin or even cot-size mattress. Therefore, if you have these size limitations, look for a 24-inch wide RV mattress like this option from Amazon, which comes in various thicknesses, to make sure you are creating a super comfortable sleeping space for your child. Finish it off with soft bedding (again, it might need to be RV-sized) and lots of fun pillows to make the space feel like the perfect cozy hideaway.