12 Hacks To Turn A Bland Room Into A Music Lover's Escape

Creating and listening to music are excellent ways to connect to your emotions and embrace your creative side. Music and interior design are both beautiful — and sometimes intense — art forms used for self-expression, so it's exciting when they go hand in hand. Thus, you should never be afraid to use your favorite music as inspiration for interior design to bring a dull room to life, as even successful interior designers are inspired by music.

"It has to be a certain music for me to get into the zone to design ... I say to them, 'If you wanted your room to sound like a piece of music, what would it be?'... music is design to me," British interior designer Kelly Hoppen told BBC. So, if you enjoy music — whether you're a musician or just love listening to your favorite songs — rather than feeling stuck when trying to revamp a lifeless room, try a music theme to elevate the space.

Display your vinyl on a bookcase

Do you like the organized bookshelf look but aren't into reading? Or are you considering tossing an old bookcase someone gifted you just because you don't think you have anything to fill it with? Instead of assuming you can't flaunt a bookshelf or bookcase because you aren't a big reader, go for an edgier spin on the aesthetic and use the shelves or cases to display your vinyl collection, exuding artsy, musical energy rather than bookish vibes. Just double-check that your vinyl will fit within the dimensions of the bookcase.

Flaunt your favorite instruments

Every musician passionate about their craft should display their instruments rather than hiding them or keeping them in a closet. So, don't be shy about your talent — decorate your home with musical instruments. For instance, if you love playing guitar, get reliable guitar wall hangers and let those instruments embellish your space. The hanging guitars will likely be great conversation starters next time you have guests over, and keeping the instruments so visible in your home may even motivate you to practice more than if they were just stuck in cases in a closet.

Opt for a musical twist on gallery walls

Anyone hoping to embellish their bland walls and put a unique spin on gallery walls should hang vinyl or CDs instead of traditional art. Fill the blank space on the walls with all your favorite musicians' records to express your admiration for those artists and show your guests that music is an art form you love. Whether you want to use specific wall sections for different artists or mix different musicians' CDs or vinyl in the same area, this gallery wall alternative will add personality to any room.

Hang posters of your favorite musicians or bands

Posters are excellent ways to express your love for your favorite musicians. So, treat yourself to a poster of any band or singer you admire and put it on display in your room or another part of your home to make the space more exciting. Some people might want to put a poster on their ceiling, and others might prefer to keep posters on the wall, so explore different parts of the space to find the best spot to breathe life into with the poster.

Or add a cardboard cutout of your favorite musician

Hanging posters is fun, but anyone looking to take their love for their favorite musician even further might want to add a cardboard cutout of that artist to their room or other space. Of course, since cardboard cutouts of people are such bold — and sometimes amusing — decorations, you might not want to put it in a classier room, like a dining room or guest room. Still, the cutout will be super fun for bringing your once-dull bedroom or entertainment area to life.

Use a blanket inspired by your favorite bands

Every home typically benefits from having many cozy blankets, so why not add a blanket inspired by your favorite musicians? Whether the music-themed item is a classic blanket with patches of band names and logos like this example or a huge, fuzzy blanket with an image of your favorite musician's face, you'll likely feel happy every time you cuddle up under it. If you want to take on a project, make the blanket yourself, and if not, indulge in some online shopping for the perfect one.

Hang your headphones for convenient access and wall embellishment

Do you have many headphones and empty walls? Get some sturdy hooks to hang your headphone collection on the wall. Not only will keeping the headphones hung up allow you to access them more easily, but you'll no longer be digging through your closet to use them or figuring out where you misplaced them. Your headphones will be a practical wall art alternative, giving your space more character, too. If you have colorful headphones, that's even better, as the bright or pastel headphones will bring your walls to life.

Create repurposed instrument furniture or decorations

Crafty creatives who enjoy building 3D art pieces in addition to making music should consider creating furniture — or at least decor — out of their old instruments. After all, wouldn't you rather give your now-unusable instrument a new life than throw it out? For example, putting a light-up detail into an old horn and hanging it on the wall can serve as intriguing wall art, while turning an old drum into a small table can elevate any space. Have fun with it, and aim for creativity and uniqueness over perfection in your creations.

Go retro with a jukebox

Fans of more old-school aesthetics who love music should incorporate that energy into their home and use it to add charm to a bland space. If you frequently find yourself looking for restaurants or bars with jukeboxes and hanging out by the jukebox when you're out, consider making a statement by investing in one for your home, as the piece will be a fun conversation starter. If you don't want to spend too much, opt for a fake jukebox or even a miniature jukebox-inspired decoration for the room.

Or just add speakers to the space

On the other hand, if you love listening to music but prefer more modern aesthetics and home decor, Instead of investing in a jukebox, just put speakers in the unbusy space. Whether the speakers are small, huge, or anywhere in between, they'll make the room more fun, turning it into a space devoted to listening to your favorite songs, playing music for guests, and maybe even dancing. If you and your guests love to dance, consider making room for a dancefloor in the space, too.

Invest in a karaoke machine or microphone

If you like to sing and frequently entertain guests in your home, why not invest in a karaoke machine? The item will be the room's focus, providing fun, carefree energy and an engaging activity for all your visitors. If you enjoy singing but don't want to invest in a full-on karaoke machine, at least consider buying a microphone for the space, not only for decoration but also so you can belt your favorite songs whenever you feel like it, whether you're in front of an audience or by yourself.

Take inspiration from your favorite music genre's aesthetic

Many music genres have specific aesthetics that can trickle into fashion and interior design. So, if you're obsessed with your favorite music and listen to that genre all the time, consider letting that type of music influence your home decor. For instance, if you listen to mainly grunge bands, give your home a grunge aesthetic makeover by sticking to an intentionally imperfect, messy-ish look with many dark neutrals instead of bright hues. On the other hand, if you prefer upbeat pop music, add lively splashes of color into your space.