You Might Want To Reconsider Displaying Prized Possessions In Your Bathroom

Heirlooms are great as decorations because they will always be unique to you and your home. A knickknack here and a prized piece of furniture there can add a lot of character and charm to any space, not to mention also act as a good conversation starter. If you have a lot of these prized possessions, a big decision you'll have to make is where exactly you should place all of them so they can be seen and appreciated. You might consider keeping some in the bathroom, especially in a guest space. However, we advise against keeping prized items in the bathroom because they could get damaged and mold or mildew could develop on them due to the moisture.

An antique book, a handmade quilt, or a vintage photograph can make a great addition to a wall or shelf, and anyone would want to show them off by keeping them in a frequently-used space. However, the humidity of the bathroom makes it a poor place to store these delicate things long-term. Wooden items could warp or peel from all the heat and water in the room. Further, mold could develop in the pages of a book or behind a photograph in a frame. This would be harmful to breathe in and could negatively impact your health. While there are ways to prevent mold from entering your home, err on the side of caution and find a better spot for these items.

Better display spots

Luckily, there are many other spots in the house where you can properly display your prized possessions. The most common places to display these items include the living room, dining room, and bedroom, but be more creative and consider secondary spaces like the hallway and home office. The hallway or entryway to your house can display some of your best decorations because that's what everyone will see every time they walk in. This space is great for displaying more personal items like family portraits and artwork. The home office, media room, or any secondary living room (like the cozy man cave in the attic, for example) can be great for items like furniture, journals, books, and those bulkier possessions. Mirrors can work in virtually any space.

Though another humid place, the kitchen can also work if there is proper ventilation in the area where you're keeping your item — so above the stove wouldn't be the best place to hang a piece of prized artwork. Instead, displaying heirlooms on the wall or in a clear cabinet will add warmth and personalization without sacrificing the quality of the piece. Another idea is to only display family heirlooms on special occasions. When a holiday or special celebration comes around, you can keep that textile or ornament out even in the bathroom because it's only for a short time. Once guests leave, you can send the items right back into safe storage in a climate-controlled space.