Crucial Things To Consider Before Installing A Bathroom In Your Outdoor Shed

An outdoor shed can be so much more than a storage space for random household items. It can be transformed into a quiet escape in your backyard for you to relax and enjoy some personal time. Whether you do this by planting a garden, creating a reading nook, or making it an extra bedroom, the shed needs to be as comfortable as possible for whoever's spending time out there. Installing a bathroom is one way to ensure comfort — but you need to figure out the permits, spacing, and what you need to make it fully functional.

A bathroom in your outdoor shed can solve many problems because you won't have to go back into the house whenever you need a bathroom and you have an extra one available at all times. It is convenient for the day-to-day and can also come in handy in case of an emergency. If there are any issues with the main building, the shed bathroom can come to the rescue. Whether the shed acts as a garden or work studio, a bathroom is a definite value-add.

Permits and functionality to keep in mind

First and foremost, you need to find out from your local authorities or HOA if you need permits to install the bathroom. You need one for the shed itself so you might need it for the plumbing and other technical work that's needed to set up a bathroom. This is important not just for the safety of the space but for the value of your home if you ever decide to sell it down the line because it could be looked into during a home appraisal.

Next, make sure that you have enough space. Bathrooms can take many forms, like a toilet and a sink, or toilet and shower, or a bathtub and toilet. Whichever format you want, you have to make sure that your shed has enough space or make a plan to add on some space for the bathroom. It might be a secondary space, but it should still be comfortable in the way the different fixtures are spaced out. For example, you can't have the toilet or sink too close to the bathtub or shower where it's in the way of a person getting in.

Hiring contractors to install the shed bathroom

When the spacing and permits are settled, your local plumber can work with you on connecting the bathroom to a water source, proper drainage, and a plumbing system. You will also need a local electrician to hook up the wiring and install the lights and outlets. It's also important to hire someone to install proper insulation and ventilation in the shed to make it livable. Avoid the mistakes everyone makes when hiring contractors and get professionals with the right qualifications and experience so your new bathroom is completely safe and up-to-code.

In addition to the costs of the materials and equipment, the costs of the labor to make these connections to your existing home systems will likely be high. This is because it typically requires the contractor to do some digging up of the ground to access the home systems like the plumbing or the electric. One way we found you can cut costs is with the plumbing: instead of connecting to your home's system, get an upflush toilet system because it has its own drainage system and can be connected to a sink and shower, giving you all you need.