This Elegant Vanity Takes Storage And Style To The Next Level

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Most people spend around 11 to 30 minutes getting ready in the morning, according to data from YouGov. That might seem like an insignificant amount of time, but in the long run, it adds up – especially if you're someone who spends longer on their hair, skincare, or makeup. One thing that helps is having a dedicated space to complete this routine that will both keep your bathroom clutter-free and speed up your morning primping.

Of course, the most popular option for this kind of setup is a vanity. However, not all vanities are created equal. The ideal piece should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, which is a difficult balance to strike.

Thankfully, Hernest Furniture is dedicated to accomplishing this task with its designs. As the company's CEO explained in an interview, "Our brand is all about blending innovative functionality with timeless elegance. For us, practical design and aesthetic appeal should be harmonious partners, not adversaries." And sure enough, that design philosophy has molded the company's Modern Makeup Vanity with Adjustable LED Mirror and Multifunctional Storage, a chic piece that will enhance every aspect of your morning routine.

The Hernest Modern Makeup Vanity is engineered for pragmatic perfection

The underlying goal of Hernest's Modern Makeup Vanity with Adjustable LED Mirror and Multifunctional Storage is to enhance the user's experience; that fact is evident in its design. It has a whopping 11 drawers, so you can store all the haircare, skincare, and makeup essentials you need. As if that wasn't enough storage, it also has nine shelves surrounding the mirror, perfect for keeping your most-used products accessible, displaying your more elegant items, or even showing off your sentimental photos and knickknacks.

Additionally, this vanity boasts two unique functional features that are sure to elevate the user's experience. First, a touch-controlled LED mirror with three different light settings. This is perfect for checking that your makeup will look good no matter the environment but is also incredibly valuable if you need to brighten up a dark room. Second, a rack on the side of the vanity holds hair styling tools, and the ensemble is completed with a built-in outlet and charging station to make blow drying, curling, or straightening your hair simple and convenient.

The Hernest Modern Makeup Vanity offers functional choices without sacrificing aesthetics

Every part of the Modern Makeup Vanity with Adjustable LED Mirror and Multifunctional Storage is designed with the user in mind, but it also includes some details that prove the choices made were more than just utilitarian. The entire unit is simple, sharp, and minimalist, but it's far from boring. Each of the 11 drawers includes sleek half-moon-shaped hardware in a gold finish, and the same metallic detail is carried through to the feet of the matching stool.

The most unique feature, however, is the acrylic top. Rather than sticking with what is expected — a plain white slab that blends in with the rest of the vanity — the designers opted for a tabletop with a clear acrylic window. This plastic piece adds interest to the design of the vanity and increases its functionality by allowing the user to see exactly what's stored rather than having to dig around, a move that aligns with the brand's overall goal of combining practicality and beauty without compromise. Overall, the Hernest Modern Makeup Vanity is a stunning piece of furniture that will enhance your home's functionality, improve your mornings, and impress your guests.