David Bromstad's Easy Way To Create A Laundry Room That Makes You Smile

HGTV star David Bromstad is no stranger to color, with 11 seasons of his hit show "Color Splash" under his belt to establish him as a true expert in the realm of hues. Bromstad could brighten up even the drabbest of spaces in the home, where a pop of vibrant personality is most needed. The laundry room is thought of as a very utilitarian space for doing chores, but why not take a page from Bromstad's playbook and bring in some fun? This is precisely why David Bromstad suggests applying a pop of bright pink to your laundry room to make you smile!

Everyone knows it is essential to create a functional laundry room with high-quality machines, smart storage, and clothes-drying solutions, but this frequently-used space doesn't have to be boring. Since the laundry room is a private space for just you and your family, it is the perfect space to branch out from something safe to something more exciting and uplifting that you can enjoy while doing your chores. When picking the best paint colors for your laundry room, take a walk on the wild side with David Bromstad's suggestion of vibrant pink on the walls.

Pink is David Bromstad's color pick for your laundry room

"Pink is deliciously happy. And why not paint your laundry room a color that makes you smile while you fight stains?" says David Bromstad (via HGTV). A saturated tone of pink like Kiss and Tell by Behr, Begonia by Sherwin Williams, Briquette by Glidden, or Milano Red by Benjamin Moore would be right up Bromstad's alley for your laundry room walls, as pink rooms promote feelings of love, compassion, and hopefulness. Start small with an accent wall, or go all-in by painting the whole space a lively shade of pink to instantly brighten your mood the moment you walk through the laundry room door.

Don't want to commit to painting your walls this daring shade? Try incorporating your pop of pink on a smaller scale, like in the cabinetry, with removable wallpaper or as a tile backsplash accent. If this is still too much of a leap, start with bringing your happy pink accents into the laundry room with interchangeable items like artwork, rugs, or other accessories to test the waters with your color experiment. You can always slowly add in more if the color truly brightens your day. Once you are fully committed to color, maybe try painting your washer and dryer a fabulous shade of pink like these TikTokers to really add a funky charm to your space.

Alternate colors to make your laundry room a more vibrant place

Do you love David-Bromsted-level color, but pink isn't your favorite? Try a happy yellow hue like Babouche by Farrow & Ball or Decisive Yellow by Sherwin Williams to bring the sunshine into your laundry space. Yellow is warm, energetic, optimistic, and cheerful – perfect for bringing delight to a working space.

Perhaps you are more drawn to leafy greens and would find joy from a fun yet natural color like Cedar Green by Benjamin Moore or Emerald Green by Farrow & Ball, which are perfect for painting cabinets. Green rooms have a calming effect on the nervous system. Using a hue with some vibrancy will also bring a welcome addition to your laundry space.

Finally, bring a blue brighter than the sky into your laundry room with a gorgeous option like Pea Flower Tea by Farrow & Ball or Hyperlink by Clare. This color will also look great on cabinets, bringing a peaceful, soothing vibe while promoting creativity and positivity. Whichever color tone speaks to you, follow David Bromstad's lead and make it vibrant and happy to bring a smile to your face in your laundry room!