Don't Throw Out Your Empty Coffee Cans. Use Them In The Garden Like This

If you're always searching for creative ways to repurpose old or unwanted items, this coffee can hack is a great option for making a unique DIY planter. Whether you drink coffee that comes in plastic containers or metal cans, you can upcycle them to house your potted plants. This project is super customizable, as you could paint and decorate your coffee can planter however you'd like. These planters are also very versatile, as you might use your empty coffee cans to construct a hanging planter or a decorative pot that could sit nicely on an outdoor table. Alternatively, you might place your planter on your porch or garden.

If you plan to fill the can with soil directly, it is important to create holes in the bottom for drainage. Additionally, you might want to place a saucer or dish under your planter to protect your table unless you're hanging it on your patio. Another option would be to set a plant already in a small pot with drainage inside your coffee can. With a little ingenuity and some crafting supplies, you can turn this common household item into a beautiful planter.

Repurposing empty coffee cans into planters

To start creating your DIY garden planter, throw out any little bits of coffee grounds that could be clinging to the inside of the can and wash it thoroughly. During this process, you may also consider removing the label unless you want your planter to have a unique, reused look and don't plan on decorating it. This is a great way to create a rustic planter on a budget and would look great with metal coffee cans. You may be able to simply rip the label off, but if any adhesive is left behind, you can scrub it while washing. Alternatively, you might scrape the glue off the can with a razor blade.

For those who want a hanging planter, you'll need to drill two small holes on opposite sides of the can beneath the rim. This will allow you to use one piece of rope or string to create a handle. Alternatively, you could make four holes evenly spaced around the rim and attach several pieces of rope tied together at the top for a different aesthetic. When making your hangers, tie knots at the ends of the rope inside the can to hold it. To make drainage holes, drill a few more holes into the bottom of the can.

Decorating your coffee can garden planter

No matter what kind of style you're implementing in your garden, you'll be able to decorate your coffee can flower pot to match. For a simple project, you could simply paint your can whatever color you'd like with 2-in-1 spray paint, like the Krylon Fusion matte white spray paint and primer at Lowe's, for $8. This would be a good option for reusing paints from other projects. Alternatively, you might use only a spray primer and then hand paint your planter. This is a good way to allow a little bit of the can's color to seep through and give your planter a farmhouse style. You could also consider painting a design, such as polka dots or stripes, or using a sponge on the wet paint to add texture. With metal cans, you may be able to stick cute magnets all around it. Otherwise, you could glue decorations to your planter, like a string of beads. 

You might try painting your coffee can one color and decorating it with fabric, ribbon, or cords. Cut a strip of stiff fabric, like cork fabric or faux leather, and glue it around your planter, which is a good option for making plastic containers with indented handles have a more rounded shape. Alternatively, you might wrap a thin rope or twine around your planter, hot gluing it in place as you go. On Amazon, you can find decorative nautical rope for $12.