8 Top-Rated Kitchen Faucet Brands, Ranked By Reviews

Fitting a new kitchen faucet is a quick and effective way to reinvigorate your kitchen, but with numerous faucet manufacturers claiming to be the best, how do you know which one to trust? Consumer reviews are a great place to start your research. Homeowners and contractors alike leave reviews to praise faucet makers they like and air grievances about those that fall short of their expectations. Aside from shining a light on a brand's best and worst features, user reviews also help you decide if you're torn between several brands. 

However, combing the web for credible reviews takes time. So, we've done the leg work and ranked the eight best kitchen faucet brands on the market. We based our rankings on reviews at retailers like Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart, and Amazon, as well as user discussions on Reddit. Each of the brands below has a unique selling feature that appeals to reviewers. Hopefully, this lineup helps you narrow down your search for the perfect kitchen faucet

Moen kitchen faucets — consumer's best overall pick

Moen is an American plumbing fixture company founded in the mid-20th century and currently owned by Fortune Brands. It is the best-rated kitchen faucet brand overall. Moen faucets consistently receive positive reviews from consumers, which praise the durability and performance of the brand's faucets. Moreover, Moen offers a lifetime warranty on its kitchen faucets. This warranty seems to be well-regarded by homeowners and contractors alike, who commend the ease of getting spare parts. All it takes is a brief phone call, and Moen's support team will source and dispatch replacements to virtually any location worldwide.

Moen kitchen faucets are relatively affordable, with bestselling models like Moen Adler costing around $160 with a lifetime warranty. You can even find cheaper variants, like the Banbury High-Arc double-handle faucet, which goes for just $119 at Home Depot. Conversely, more innovative faucets with improved functionality and features sit at the higher end of the pricing range. For example, a spring pulldown faucet with hands-free technology, like the Moen Align, comes with a price tag of over $600. A common tip from consumers and reviewers alike is to buy the product from a plumbing supply store rather than a home store or online retailer like Amazon.

Delta kitchen faucets — top-rated build quality

Delta Faucet Company is a U.S.-based faucet manufacturer and a division of the Masco Corporation. Its faucets are rated consistently high by consumers and plumbers. According to consumer reviews, Delta faucets have a robust build that's hard to match at their price point, which is slightly lower than Moen's. In fact, many reviewers would choose a Delta over a Moen faucet for their kitchen precisely because of their quality design and lasting durability. Like Moen, Delta faucets also come with a lifetime warranty, so you can get free replacement parts many years after your purchase. That said, some contractors point out that sourcing spare Delta parts is often trickier than Moen's.

Delta faucets cater to every budget. If you don't wish to spend much, you can get a Delta faucet for less than $100. For example, the brand's Foundations single-hand faucet costs just $59 at Home Depot. On the other hand, be ready to spend over $700 for a touch-operated pulldown sprayer faucet like Delta Trinsic. A model like the Classic offers a middle ground with a price of $159 at Home Depot and features the same pulldown sprayer as its costlier Delta peers.

Kohler kitchen faucets — best for DIY installation

Kohler is an American brand with over 150 years of heritage, and reviewers often cite its kitchen faucets as a viable alternative to Moen and Delta. In particular, users seem to like the fact that Kohler faucets are made entirely out of metal and don't have plastic parts like their Moen and Delta counterparts. This materiality contributes to the faucets' long-term durability, as metal is less likely than plastic to wear out over time. Another advantage cited in consumer feedback is that Kohler faucets take little effort to install. Apparently, the faucet installation process boils down to just inserting and tightening three or four screws — a godsend for DIYers without much plumbing experience. Like Moen and Delta, Kohler kitchen faucets are backed by a lifetime warranty, and procuring free spares is a breeze, according to reviewers.

Kohler kitchen faucets generally cost more than similar offerings from Moen or Delta. For example, Kohler's basic single-handle pulldown faucet, Avi, costs $170 at Home Depot. That's more than double the price of Delta's equivalent (Foundations) and 10% pricier than Moen's no-frills single-handle pulldown option. That said, Kohler's touchless faucets are surprisingly affordable, and you can find a suitable hands-free model for $300 to $350 at a retailer like Home Depot.

Grohe kitchen faucets — simplest part replacement

Grohe is a German kitchen faucet manufacturer with plenty of praise from consumers, particularly for its lifetime guarantee and the ease of part replacement. Some reviewers describe getting new Grohe parts effortlessly, even 15 years or more after installation. There's no need to dig around for the model number, either — the support team can work it out based on your photos of the faucet. The fact that users are still repairing their Grohe products over a decade after the purchase speaks to the faucet's incredible durability and performance. And although this brand is notably acclaimed in EU countries, it's gained popularity and is also widely available in the U.S.

However, while Grohe is considered an affordable kitchen faucet brand in Europe, the brand's products are anything but cheap in the U.S. For example, Grohe's least expensive offering — a generic, single-handle pulldown faucet — costs $247 at Lowe's. Moen and Delta offer much more budget-friendly options, with comparable faucets costing $159 and $59, respectively. Likewise, be ready to part with $1,000 or more if you set your mind on Grohe's most feature-packed and visually attractive options, like the Eurocube Super Steel Pre-rinse Faucet or its wall-mounted pot fillers.

Hansgrohe kitchen faucets — top-rated for functionality

Hansgrohe is a German manufacturer of plumbing supplies with a range of high-end kitchen faucets noted for their functionality. For example, many Hansgrohe faucets come with the Quickclean spout, a silicone insert that extracts easily to let you clean out limescale from the faucet. Likewise, most Hansgrohe faucets come equipped with the Magfit feature, which stabilizes and aligns the pulldown sprayer inside the faucet using a magnet. Consumer reviews also commend Hansgrohe faucets for their aesthetics. Hansgrohe offers a massive selection of faucet designs to match various kitchen decor. That said, some reviewers complain that their Hansgrohe products develop premature leaks.

Hansgrohe is a premium faucet brand with top-of-range pricing. Its basic U-shaped pulldown sprayer, the Focus N, sells for $272 at Home Depot. The prices only go up from here, so expect to pay anywhere between $300 and $900 for faucets with more elaborate spout designs. However, most of the lower-priced Hansgrohe faucets will come with the same essentials as their higher-end peers, like extendable hoses and Quickclean inserts that facilitate faucet cleaning. So, the only reason to choose a costlier Hansgrohe is if you prefer a specific spout and base configuration.

Brizo kitchen faucets — top-rated for luxury

Brizo is a luxury faucet brand owned by Delta Faucet Company. These faucets feature high-end finishes (like gold) and often come with advanced features like articulating arms. And while Brizo targets a more affluent crowd than Delta, it's generally as well-liked by reviewers as its parent company. Most users commend their elegance, handy functions like different flow and spray types, and durability. However, a minority of reviewers point out that these faucets just don't feel like they're worth their hefty price tag. Like most respectable faucet brands, Brizo offers a lifetime warranty on its products, and part requests are handled by Delta's support team.

Brizo's kitchen faucets are far pricier than those of its parent company. While you can get a decent Delta pulldown faucet for about $100, a comparable product from Brizo would set you back over $400. For example, the Brizo Odin pulldown faucet costs $424 at build.com, whereas the Delta Classic (which is similar in looks and functionality) is more than half the price at $159.

Vigo kitchen faucets — top-rated for aesthetics

Vigo Industries is an American kitchen product brand, with all of its faucets manufactured in China. Vigo's kitchen faucets get excellent marks for their looks. Most customers praise the faucets for their finishes, industrial aesthetics, and robust metal build. Likewise, the majority of reviewers are content with the product's ease of installation and performance. That said, these products get some negative feedback for hoses that don't retract properly, flimsy flow mode switches, and vague, unhelpful instruction manuals.

Vigo faucets are moderately priced, although they generally cost more than their peers from Moen and Delta. For example, one of the least expensive Vigo single-handle pulldown faucets — the Gramercy — costs $219 at Home Depot. You could get a similar Moen or Delta faucet for just $159. However, unlike Moen and Delta, Vigo faucets don't have a significantly higher price range, and the entire lineup sits around $200 to $300. You could get Vigo's popular Edison faucet, which features the brand's signature industrial look and includes a soap dispenser for $249 at Home Depot. The hand-free version of the same model costs $310.

Kraus kitchen faucets — top rated for value

Kraus is a lesser-known American plumbing fixture manufacturer whose kitchen faucets earn praise for balancing price and quality. These kitchen faucets come at an affordable price point that's comparable to Moen and Delta's low-end offerings. Despite their budget-friendliness, Kraus faucets are well-regarded by consumers, who are often surprised by their high quality relative to price. Many reviewers note that Kraus faucets take little effort to install, feel more robust than expected, and perform well in different flow modes.

The brand's simple but popular pulldown model, the Bolden, costs $186 at Home Depot. That's about $20 more than Moen's cheapest equivalent. You could save even more on a lower-end faucet like the Sellette, a spring-less pulldown faucet with a price tag of $160. The upper end of the price range is in the mid-$300s for Kraus faucets. Products that cost this much are generally equipped with a hands-free sensor and are a suitable choice if you're considering a touchless kitchen faucet

Ranking methodology: How we ranked the kitchen faucet brands above

We ranked these kitchen faucet brands based on four aspects of customer satisfaction, which we extracted from the brand reviews on retailers' sites and user forums. The first factor is build quality. Consumer reviews paint an excellent picture of a faucet brand's build, and it's easy to spot patterns like premature leaks or faulty flow mode switches. Secondly, we assessed the ease with which each brand replaces faucet parts for its customers. Although all of the brands above offer lifetime warranties on their products, not all make it easy to source spares when a faucet component fails. Thirdly, we factored in the ease of installation — a vital attribute for DIYers who want to limit their time spent under the sink. There's no definitive metric for measuring ease of installation, but consumers are equally vocal about good and bad experiences in this regard. Finally, we assessed each brand's value for money. This analysis was based as much on reviewers' sentiments as on our common sense in gauging the equilibrium between prices and quality.