This Might Be The Best IKEA Bath Mat According To Reviews

If you're like the 98% of consumers who rely on reviews before purchasing an item, then you want a bath mat with glowing comments from thousands of shoppers. And if you love IKEA and its products, consider the IKEA TOFTBO bath mat for your next rug. You don't want just any bath mat — you should look for something that matches your bathroom decor while being affordable. The IKEA TOFTBO offers all that and more, as it comes in five flattering colors to match any bathroom color scheme. Plus it comes in a convenient size. Since it's 20" x 31", it's one of the best IKEA products for a small apartment or tiny bathroom. You could even put it in front of your kitchen sink to catch water when washing dishes. 

The IKEA TOFTBO is $7.99, keeping the price point low. You can even layer bath mats in your bathroom for a luxurious look on a tight budget if you're looking to elevate your home style. Additionally, the TOFTBO is made from 100% polyester, and, seeing as IKEA tries to be sustainable whenever possible, at least 90% of the materials used to make this rug are recycled. If moisture is an issue, you'll be pleased to learn that this microfiber rug dries quickly and is extremely absorbent, making it ideal for use after showers and baths. But its glowing reviews truly set it apart, as the TOFTBO has over 2,600 reviews as of writing this (2,180 being five stars). 

Why the IKEA TOFTBO is a great bath mat

People love the IKEA TOFTBO, giving it 4.7 stars. Some love its affordability, while others appreciate that it's soft to the touch and washes well. Consumers also report that it's well cushioned, making it ideal for a bathroom and comfortable beneath their feet. According to one review, "Fab bath mat. Such a good bath mat for the price!! There's good cushioning when you stand on it and I like the fact that it also has a bit of a sticky bit underneath to stop it moving on your tiles. Absolute bargain! You just have to cut the tag off as it's annoyingly placed so that you can always see it." 

The TOFTBO is also touted for its ease of washing, as you can throw it right in the washing machine. Just be mindful of IKEA's care instructions. You can wash this rug in the normal cycle with warm water but don't use bleach, and make sure you tumble dry it on low.  

Keep in mind that this rug doesn't come with rubber grips attached; however, you can buy a separate anti-slip underlay to keep the IKEA TOFTBO in place. You can purchase the IKEA STOPP anti-slip underlay for $6.99. It's 27" x 6' 7", so you can cut it to fit beneath multiple rugs. You can even make a rug non-slip by applying caulk underneath, offering an alternative solution.