Upgrade A Pocket Door On Any Budget With This Stunning DIY Makeover

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Pocket doors are often used in small rooms to save space. They slide into a "pocket" built into the wall, rather than opening outward like a traditional door. This makes them more compact. There are tons of pros and cons to pocket doors, but they are a great option for many homeowners. You might even have one in your bathroom or closet. 

Did you know that you can easily spice up a pocket door with a simple DIY project? All you need is paint in a color of your choice, a stencil brush, and a stencil pattern to use to create a design all over the door. One tip for adding stencil art to a surface successfully is to use a stencil brush, rather than a regular paint brush — so don't skip out on purchasing one.

This beginner-friendly DIY transforms a plain pocket door into an eye-catching design element that can serve as a focal point for your living space. Regardless of where your pocket door is located in your home, this stencil makeover is a great way to make the area look chic without paying for an expensive professional door upgrade or redesign. Head to your local craft store to gather all of the necessary materials to complete this DIY and give your dull pocket door a new look.

How to use a stencil to revamp your pocket door

To upgrade outdated doors with this TikTok DIY, you will first need to decide whether you are going to repaint your entire door a different color, as shown in the final result at the end of the TikTok posted by @laneandivory. If so, complete this step first before using your stencil. If not, move on to taping your stencil to your door. Paint over the gaps using your stencil brush and a paint in the color of your choice. Move your stencil around your door section by section and repeat this process until your entire door is covered with this design, as shown in the video.

The supplies needed for this project are pretty inexpensive, so it will likely fit within even a tight budget. You can purchase a leaf stencil from Amazon, similar to the one shown in the TikTok. The TIAMECH A4 Tree Vine Leaves Stencil is a good option that is priced at only $6.49. After selecting your favorite stencil, you can pick up Hobby Lobby's Stencil Paint Brushes – 5 Piece Set for $2.79. Amazon also sells sets of stencil paintbrushes, if you prefer to order them there. Hobby Lobby is a great place to snag paint to use in your stencil as well. The FolkArt Treasure Gold Acrylic Paint is similar to the one shown in the video, and it is priced at only $11.79.

Use different colors and stencils to customize your DIY

As you can see in the video posted by @laneandivory, the content creator selected a stencil with a leaf design and gold paint for the leaves. The entire door was repainted a deep olive color, which serves as a base for the leaf design. Remember that you can customize this however you'd like. For example, you might choose to use a floral stencil design instead.

If you do not want to take on the extra task of repainting your entire door before adding your stencil pattern, you may prefer to leave it as is. You can paint the stencil design using a color that compliments your door's current color, rather than changing it. If you want to create something a little more unexpected, you can use a variety of different stencil designs to piece together a more unique look, instead of just repeating the pattern.