Can You Toss Your Crocs In The Washing Machine Or Will They Get Ruined?

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Crocs are on the pricier side, with some pairs costing as much as $100. But these shoes can last upwards of five years when properly maintained, making them a worthwhile investment. One way of maintaining your crocs is by cleaning them, ensuring they look their best and can last for years. If you're not looking forward to hand-washing your shoes, then you'll be pleased to learn that Crocs can go in the washing machine. Just be sure to take some precautions during the wash cycle (such as using a mild detergent) so they come out looking their best. 

Harsh detergents cause Crocs to discolor, which is why mild detergents are recommended by the manufacturer. Aside from this, another precaution is to wash your shoes in a mesh garment bag. For starters, a garment bag prevents your Crocs from damaging your washing machine, namely its drum. But a mesh garment bag also protects your Crocs during the wash cycle, helping them maintain their shape while preventing their straps from stretching out. If you don't have any garment bags but want to purchase some, Vivifying's mesh shoe laundry bags from Amazon are only $13. You can also use an old pillowcase.

Wash Crocs on the cool cycle

Garment bags and mild detergent are key, but so is the water temperature you use. For Crocs, it's best to use the cool cycle. Since Crocs are made of Croslite — a material that's neither plastic nor rubber but a closed-cell resin — they run the risk of shrinking when heated. High temperatures, such as hot water in the washing machine, can shrink your Crocs, so keep water temperatures at 30 degrees maximum. The same is true when these shoes are in the sunlight for too long — you may find your Crocs went down a size and/or warped. 

Before popping your Crocs in the washing machine, check for stubborn stains. If you find any, don't be afraid to use baking soda and water to help your shoes look new again. Once any tough spots are removed, it's time to throw your Crocs in the wash with mild detergent. You can up the ante and add some white vinegar to your washing machine, as this can reduce any stubborn odors or stains. During the cleaning process, you may want to turn off your washer's spin cycle to prevent your Crocs from losing their shape, even with the mesh garment bag. Once clean, remember to let your Crocs air dry or else you risk them shrinking in the dryer.