HGTV's Zillow Gone Wild Proves Interior Design Has No Boundaries

If you are a fan of interior design, you might be among the many people who browse Zillow to discover the many eye-catching homes with unique design elements found on the property listing platform. Striking Zillow finds are such a hot topic that they led to the launch of the Instagram account @ZillowGoneWild, which resulted in the creation of HGTV's "Zillow Gone Wild." This TV show proves that interior design has no boundaries through the many atypical homes it features.

The first episode of "Zillow Gone Wild" premiered on May 3. The series is hosted by "30 Rock" alum Jack McBrayer, who gives tours of the unique Zillow listings on each episode. If you are excited about tuning into this show, consider taking a peek at the @ZillowGoneWild Instagram account. From a house fully decked out in Los Angeles Rams-themed decor, to an abode designed with way more marble than you'd ever imagine, @ZillowGoneWild clues followers into some of the shocking design elements they can expect to see on the show.

One unique house incorporates marble everywhere

One of the Zillow listings featured on the @ZillowGoneWild Instagram account is perfect for those who love statement marble decor. "This home is known as the 'Marble House' as well as 'Marble Lago' and I'll give you one guess as to why," the caption of the post reads. A photo carousel reveals a gorgeous home decked out in marble from head-to-toe. Even the outside of the home is covered with the material. 

If you were curious about the price and location, the Rochester, Minnesota home is listed for $849,000 at the time of the post. It is 2,394 square feet with three bedrooms and three bathrooms on a .25 acre lot. The marble used throughout the home is authentic, and much of it was brought in from Europe. You might have questions about why the home's designers used so much marble in a pretty unconventional way. The design was actually inspired by the Mayo Clinic. Much like the Zillow listing, the Mayo Clinic's Plummer Building also incorporates marble from various locations.

An eclectic home that left followers divided

Another house featured on the @ZillowGoneWild Instagram account demonstrates just how eclectic you can expect the design elements on the "Zillow Gone Wild" TV show to get. The photo carousel highlights some pretty bizarre features, many of which you would find in an old home. The designers included a door made to look like a Coca-Cola machine. There is also an image of what appears to be a desk made out of the front of a vintage car.

It's hard to get a handle on the overall theme of this home, but one commenter summed it up pretty well. "Steampunk meets 'Back to the Future' meets 'Star Trek' with a special twist of Salvador Dali for a bit of whimsy," they wrote. This home might not be everyone's taste, but it sure is fascinating to look at. If nothing else, it would make for a very interesting segment on "Zillow Gone Wild." After reviewing some of what the popular Instagram account has to offer, you might be even more excited to tune into the TV show.