Simple Tips To Get A Wasp Out Of Your House (& Mistakes To Avoid)

Homeowners will occasionally encounter single wasps that have accidentally flown indoors. These lone wasps are probably searching for food. In this scenario, you need to stay calm and either find a way to usher the wasp outside, trap it and remove it, or quickly kill it. A wasp may incite panic, but when trying to get rid of a pesky wasp, running around excitedly is a mistake. Large and quick motions, like swinging your arms through the air or swatting at the insect could agitate it.

Staying calm and keeping your movements slow and steady can help you avoid getting stung. Since individual wasps can sting multiple times, it's crucial not to anger them. Additionally, certain species of wasps send off a pheromone when they sting that will draw more wasps to the area, making it extremely important to stay cool and collected. While finding a single wasp in your home probably isn't a cause for concern, seeing them regularly or discovering more than one at a time points to bigger issues. If you're concerned about an infestation, it's best to contact a pest control professional.

A simple tip for getting a wasp out of your house

One of the easiest and most humane ways to ward off a pesky wasp is to usher it out of your home. Open any nearby doors or windows and see if the wasp will fly out on its own. If the wasp is stubborn and wants to stay, you can use artificial wind to blow it back from whence it came. This can be done by pointing a fan at the wasp to move it toward an open window or door. This should allow you to keep a safe distance from the stinging insect and get rid of it without harming it. Standing fans or box fans may work better as they tend to have more powerful settings and cover a wider area, but a hair dryer or a small battery-powered fan could help in a pinch.

If this isn't an option, you might be able to use a broom, mop, or another long object to encourage the wasp to leave. Very slowly and carefully, push the wasp toward an open door with your tool. Make sure not to swat at the insect, as threatening the wasp could be a big mistake. Abort the mission immediately if the wasp starts to become irritated. It is also wise to wear long pants, long sleeves, or gloves when trying to remove a wasp from your home, as it could protect you from getting stung.

Alternatives tips for getting a wasp out of your house

For those that aren't afraid of getting close to this winged menace, trapping it under a cup might be tricky, and might even get you stung. Instead, you can make a trap with a simple plastic bottle, like a soda bottle. Cut the plastic in half and place a small amount of sweet liquid, like juice or soda, in the bottle. Turn the top upside and place it in the bottom half of the bottle. Leave it in an area with the wasp, and the insect should make its way inside the bottle for a drink; however, it'll have a difficult time flying out. Now, you can take the trap outside and release the wasp.

If you absolutely hate wasps and are terrified of being stung, you might just want to kill it as quickly as possible and be done with the whole ordeal. You can easily accomplish this with commercial wasp sprays, though you'll need to ensure you're spraying accurately to hit the bug immediately. It's also important to ensure the room is ventilated to avoid breathing in any pesticides. Alternatively, you might try using hydrogen peroxide to eliminate wasps.