This Might Be The Best IKEA Leather Sofa Based On Reviews

A leather couch is a big investment. Not only are the materials themselves pricey, but you are also most likely purchasing a sofa with the intention of using it for years to come, so you need to make the most thoughtful and well-informed selection possible. Prices for a good leather sofa are usually somewhere between $1,000 and 2,000, but it's not unheard of to spend $6,000, $7,000, or even $8,000 on a higher-end one (be warned, though, that prices can exceed even that). You might be excited to hear that, in addition to finding the most comfortable couch at IKEA, they also sell a leather sofa that is both affordably priced and exceedingly well-reviewed. IKEA's MORABO leather sofa costs $1,249 (not cheap, but competitively priced) and the vast majority of buyers left an enthusiastic 4- or 5-star rating for it. 

Customers raved that this couch rivals the performance and appearance of higher-end brands like West Elm. Owners of the MORABO also love that the leather is thick and feels high quality, which is a major plus for those of us who own furry, or sharp-clawed, couch-loving friends. While MORABO is resilient, some buyers recommended purchasing a couch cover if you have an especially energetic feline who likes to use your furniture as a scratching post. TikTok user Chelsea Alysa (@groundedinneutral) posted several videos featuring her MORABO and confirmed that it's still performing well after two years. For maintenance, you can read up on how to easily clean your leather couch with natural ingredients.

More about MORABO

The MORABO sofa's dimensions are 81 ⅛ inches by 36 ¼ inches, making it suitable for seating three people comfortably. Some customers who have purchased the MORABO even mentioned having overnight guests sleep on the couch without any complaints the following morning. It comes in three color options; black, golden brown, and gray-green, as well as your choice of leg material (wood or metal). While much of IKEA's furniture forces you to assemble it — which naturally requires a heavy dose of patience — MORABO's only required step is screwing in the legs and positioning the cushions before you kick back and relax on your new sofa. If you need an ottoman to add a footrest and provide a more complete look, MORABO offers matching ones ($319 each) that come in every shade of leather the couch does. 

When compared to another IKEA leather sofa (STOCKHOLM, $2,499), which has a much more mixed bag of reviews, it's easy to see why MORABO's performance is noteworthy. Although buyers are mostly positive about it, several mentioned issues with wear and tear and a major discrepancy between the colors shown on the website versus in person. Finally, while a leather couch can help elevate your home style, throwing one into a poorly decorated room will only look awkward. Remember to take the time to style your leather sofa by adding decorative pillows and a flattering throw blanket.