Stunning DIY Ceiling Designs That Will Elevate Any Room In Your Home

When deciding how to decorate your space, you will likely spend a lot of time deciding where to put your furniture and how to decorate your walls. But, the humble ceiling is a space that often remains blank. While a stunning statement light can brighten up your ceiling, we often don't put much thought into how we can utilize the space as a canvas for bold design. Adding some personality to this often forgotten space is a helpful solution for those who already have used up their walls but still feel like a room is missing something.

Creating intentional ceiling design is a game-changer for those with smaller homes as well. Adding an eye-grabbing element to your ceiling is a great way to draw the eye upward, which when done thoughtfully can help rooms feel bigger. By introducing textured elements or intricate patterns to your ceiling, you will create visual interest and depth. If you want to get started, here are some DIY ideas to achieve this look through techniques like ceiling molding, wallpaper, or even hand-painted designs.

Create a magical outdoor vibe with a cloud ceiling

Perfect for a trendy teenager's room or even a nursery, a cloud-covered ceiling lit from above will introduce a magical feeling into any space. Using just a few materials, the fluffy clouds add so much texture to the ceiling while the lighting element sets a moody tone. This DIY uses a strip of LED lights to provide the ambient glow, which gives you the ability to customize this idea based on what LED strip you buy. Some have a full RGB spectrum of colors while others only clear, neutral light settings. You can even buy a light strip that has an alternating colors setting, creating a whimsical light show with just the touch of a button.

Remember wallpaper isn't just for walls

There are so many gorgeous wallpaper options out there, but sometimes you just prefer the clean look of painted walls, especially if you have lots of wall art as a focal point. Luckily, you can have the best of both worlds by using wallpaper on your ceiling. This is a great way to feature a fun print in your home while doing something unexpected. But, remember that the application will only work if you have a smooth surface, so if you have popcorn-style ceilings, this might not be the DIY for you. And, if you're worried about how you will accommodate lighting fixtures, don't be. Simply use scissors or an X-ACTO knife to trim around any lighting sockets then reinstall the fixtures if needed.

This DIY is a must for Harry Potter fans

Even if your Hogwarts letter never came in the mail, you can still recreate the ambience of the magical castle in your own home. Perfect for a Harry Potter themed party, you'll start by making a light up cloud base by attaching some Poly-fil to a piece of fabric, similar to the technique in the first DIY on this list. Then, simply take some battery-operated candles and hang them vertically from the clouds. You can use sticky pads to adhere the string to a tack in the ceiling. You'll want to use the thinnest string possible to hang the candles in order to sell the illusion that they are floating. Fishing line is a great option, or repurpose dental floss to hang your candles! For the easiest all-in-one option, purchase a magical hanging candles kit from Amazon.

Use LED lights and tape to create a luxe look on a budget

Love the look of ornate molded ceilings, but don't have a Versailles budget? With just some items from the craft store you can create your own ceiling design. Start by creating a pattern with LED lights, then add gold washi tape, like this affordable roll from Amazon, for some added shine. Outline the whole design with strips of ceiling trim molding, which you can buy on Amazon or at a hardware store and drill into place. This addition of molding will create a sense of depth on your ceiling without having to make any dramatic changes.

Ceiling molding can create a vintage look

Speaking of molding, remember that you aren't confined to just straight pieces of trim. There are countless types of molding to install that will add some vintage charm to an otherwise flat ceiling. Like with this design that accents a hanging light, the trick to making the added molding look seamless is ensuring that you paint the pieces the same color as your ceiling. This will make them look like they were built into the original design rather than added on later. Using a cross laser like this one from Amazon, you can ensure that all pieces are evenly spaced. This cross laser can be used to hang art on walls as well, making it a worthy investment if you are a frequent DIYer.

Experience sunset all the time with a sky landscape

Beautiful landscape paintings shouldn't be confined to frames, and if you have some artistic flair, consider painting directly on your ceiling. You can live in golden hour all the time with this sunset ceiling design, or go with a plain bright blue reminiscent of a cloudless day. If you want your home to feel extra moody, consider a star-filled night sky or try tackling the galaxy ceiling trend. As mentioned in the video, you'll want to start with a trial painting on a canvas to make sure you nail the color scheme and overall vision. Then it's time to scale up and translate your vision to the ceiling using long-handled paint rollers to reduce the time you spend up on the ladder.

Get the farmhouse look with faux wood beams

Everyone loves the rustic look of exposed beams, but if your house is modern or in a city it's likely that it won't feature this architectural element. However, you can still add beams onto your regular ceiling to add some texture and dimension. While you can build beams out of solid wood, these will likely be very heavy and difficult to install. To solve this problem, Architectural Depot created a line of lightweight faux wood beams that will look like the real thing and are easily mounted. Just follow the simple DIY installation instructions, and you will fill your home with farmhouse charm in just one afternoon.

Turn your love of astrology into a ceiling design

Whether you read your horoscope every day or simply have a love for astronomy, adding the zodiac constellations to your ceiling is an easy DIY that will turn your interests into beautiful decor. You can either integrate the design into the whole ceiling, or add a border to confine the design to a certain area like in the video. You'll need a strong adhesive like superglue to ensure that the clay constellation won't detach from the ceiling and fall on you, causing potential injury.

Adding some fretwork panels can create beautiful texture

Fretwork panels are affordable and lightweight pre-cut panels, typically made from PVC,that are easier to install than wood accents. While these are often used on walls, because they are so lightweight they are also perfect for adding texture to the ceiling. There are countless shapes and sizes of these panels, making it easy to find a design that is perfect for your home. You'll want to paint them the same color as your ceiling in order to create a seamless look. It's important to remember that they should only be installed on a flat ceiling, so if you have popcorn ceilings, consider removing them like they did in this video.

Don't restrict hardwood to just the floor

Wood is a natural texture that makes a room look clean and grounded, and there are lots of ways to get creative with a wood ceiling. Don't restrict yourself to just using wood on the floor. A wood ceiling will provide a sense of texture and warmth while still being bold and unexpected. It can create a cozy cabin or beach house vibe no matter where you live. But, if wood is too heavy or expensive, consider using laminate flooring that looks like wood for the same effect. The laminate flooring will be more affordable and can also be lighter to install, making this a simple DIY with a big impact.