15 Gorgeous Red Kitchens That'll Have You Reaching For A Gallon Of Paint

Many of us dream of walking into our kitchen and feeling immediately inspired by its color, design, and furnishing. In an attempt to turn your builder-grade kitchen into a showstopper, you may have tried replacing the wallpaper, reorganizing the shelves, or adding accentuating decor to the space with little to no success. Finding the perfect bold eclectic kitchen idea you want in your home isn't necessarily easy, but the benefits of a stylish kitchen outweigh the effort it takes to design one. If you've been sifting through ideas to help reimagine your kitchen, consider introducing a gorgeous shade of red that will have you window-shopping for a fresh gallon of paint.

Color psychology plays a major role in the colors we choose to dress our walls. For example, red impacts mood by increasing our passion, energy, and even appetite — in the kitchen, these effects of a gorgeous red can inspire and revitalize us like nothing else. On the other hand, certain colors just don't belong in the kitchen and can ruin the experience of dinner parties, family gatherings, and other social events (you know, like how yellow isn't a great choice for your kitchen). Finding the perfect balance between warm and cool tones can make a world of difference when it comes to your home, and with these ideas for a red kitchen, you'll surely be convinced.

1. Pair red cabinets with granite counters

If your kitchen is fixed with granite countertops, you might consider painting the surrounding cabinets red. Since kitchen fixtures are often hard to remove and replace, crimson red is the perfect shade to accentuate wooden and rock-based furnishing. For homeowners whose kitchen is built with wooden slats, you may coat the cabinets in crimson red paint while leaving the surrounding area as it is — by experimenting with a variety of colors, materials, and textures, you'll add more depth and dimension around the kitchen. 

2. Red fixtures and pink tiles

There's no color combination quite as inviting as red and pink. To achieve this Valentine's Day-inspired kitchen, consider repainting your light fixtures, cabinets, and window shutters with a bright red while incorporating a complementary shade of baby pink alongside these fixtures. For example, much like the kitchen pictured above, you might fill the adjoining walls with pink tiles to complement the painted shutters and choose pink cushioned chairs to match the bright red dining table.

3. Red, white, and green

A gorgeous red kitchen doesn't mean coloring the whole space red. If you'd prefer a more subtle incorporation of the color, consider painting the cabinetry on your kitchen island red while painting the surrounding cabinets white. A fresh coat of white paint will complement the red and allow the color to stand out as subtle and sophisticated. If you're interested in adding another pop of color, try painting the pantry door a grayish green (like Sherwin-Williams' Reseda Green). 

4. Red cabinets with gold fixtures

Let's face it: Rustic kitchens deserve more love. If your home was built with an aged design, you might enjoy having a rustic red kitchen. Consider painting your kitchen cabinets in a rufous red with rusted golden fixtures to complement the shade. Rustic red kitchens work best when surrounded by wood and stone, so if you're lucky enough to have these fixtures in your designated spot for cooking, this red kitchen is perfect for you. 

5. Statement red oven

We'll say it again: To achieve a red kitchen, you don't have to paint the whole room red. One way to subtly incorporate red into your kitchen is by turning your oven into a statement piece by painting it scarlet red. You can complement a bright red oven by painting the adjoining cabinets white or sage green (pictured above), which will help balance out the bright tone while still honoring the power of this statement red oven.

6. Vintage red cabinets with floral wallpaper

Despite their name, vintage kitchens are virtually timeless — and perfect for incorporating a dark shade of red. If your kitchen walls happen to be filled with floral wallpaper, painting the cabinets, shutters, and baseboard with a complementary shade of red can help a variety of fixtures and designs stand out. Once you've painted the space red, consider adding a rug to the floor of your kitchen to diversify the variety of intricate designs.

7. A hint of red

There's nothing quite like a hint of red. If your kitchen happens to be a relatively minimalist space, consider painting one feature crimson red — for example, a nearby door that leads to your deck. While too much red can overwhelm a small space, focusing on an individual feature can help you add depth and dimension to the surrounding area without going overboard. Once you've added a red touch, observe your aesthetically pleasing kitchen.

8. Combining red and teal

Red and teal are both bold colors, but mix the two and you have a unique and stylish kitchen. Rather than the wood and paint pair we've been working with, repaint your ceramic kitchen cabinets and countertops with crimson red. Once the paint has dried, polish off with gloss and add a light teal backsplash paired with deep teal drawers to help both colors stand out in the best way. Additionally, both colors pair perfectly with gold fixtures — consider gold overhead lights, drawer handles, and utensils.

9. Sleek all-red kitchen

While an all-red kitchen is a bold choice, it doesn't mean you can't make it work — in fact, you may feel re-energized and inspired by a bright red kitchen. If you have stainless steel fixtures and appliances, high-gloss painted cabinetry can help you achieve a sleek and modern aesthetic in your kitchen. You can find the perfect balance between glossy and non-glossy by selectively designing certain areas with regular paint vs. high-gloss cabinetry for a monochrome kitchen.

10. Deep red kitchen

Deep red is having its moment right now, and this kitchen is a perfect example. If you happen to have a variety of textures surrounding your kitchen — like wooden shutters, woven seating, and marble countertops — then adding a touch of deep red will only enhance the space. You might consider selectively painting the cabinets and island centerpiece with a shade of ruby red or carmine to achieve this dreamy, sophisticated, and modern kitchen.

11. Dark red with mustard yellow

Although we've confirmed that bright yellow doesn't do too well on your kitchen walls, pairing a mustard yellow with dark red is the most stylish way to place these warm colors next to each other. If you happen to have wooden, gold, or bronze fixtures in the kitchen, then dark red cabinetry mixed with a mustard yellow backsplash can allow these features to subtly stand out. For the ultimate design trick, consider placing complementary utensils on display in front of the mustard yellow backdrop.

12. Coral red backsplash with black fixtures

Is your kitchen filled with a variety of designs and textures? Try painting your backsplash tiles red to match the black and marble cabinetry. Red tiles achieve a rustic and outdoorsy effect similar to red mud bricks, naturally drawing residents and guests to the space. If your countertops are made of marble, start by introducing black fixtures and furniture to the room. Once you're sure it suits the space, color one side of your kitchen wall with red tiles to achieve this pop-of-color look.

13. DIY pale red kitchen

We may only think of red in terms of bright hues, but pale red is just as glamorous. Using brick red paint, cover your cabinets and shelves in the color before allowing them to dry. You may choose to replace the adjoining features — such as the sink, faucet, and door handles — with bronze or gold fixtures to perfectly match your pale red kitchen. Regardless, there's virtually nothing this pale red can't pull off. 

14. Red and cream kitchen

Creamy white shades are fairly common when it comes to kitchen design, and if that's the case, then red is the word. If your upper cabinets are painted cream, you may consider painting the lower cabinets red. This will make them stand out and bring some much-needed attention to the space where magic is made (aka lots of food). 

15. Subtle touch of red and pink

Last but certainly not least, we've circled back to the beauty of a red and pink kitchen. For this design, focus on which cabinets act as the centerpiece of your kitchen and paint the stand-out cabinets in dark red. Once you've completed painting the focal point, pivot to upper cabinetry and shelves to coat them in blush pink. Finish off by incorporating as many wooden, gold, and bronze fixtures as you can to accomplish the complementary color scheme.