Is More Expensive Toilet Paper Really Worth The Splurge?

The difference between scratchy thin toilet paper and luxury 3-ply is immediately evident because you get exactly what you pay for. Essentially, 2-, 3-, and 4-ply paper offers softness while 1-ply barely gets the job done. Still, some people are totally fine settling for the most basic products because they don't see the need to spend more money than is necessary on this type of item. While it's definitely a splurge, expensive toilet paper is worth it for its comfort and surprising long-term value alone. When it comes to splurging on something in the home, you might think of kitchen features like cabinets, islands, and fixtures before your mind goes to something as simple as toilet paper. 

However, this household basic also requires some investment because it comes into such close contact with the body and must be in constant supply. Quality toilet paper will be gentler on the skin and more hygienic overall because it won't break down as you use it. When it's also eco-friendly, as opposed to a traditional toilet paper brand, it also has major environmental benefits.

Expensive toilet paper is totally worth it

Luxury 2- or 3-ply toilet paper is worth more for the comfort alongside the fact that you end up using less of it in general, too. While it provides an extra softness that is great for the skin, more expensive toilet paper is also made to be very absorbent, thick, and durable so it won't fall apart easily. This results in you needing to use less of it when cleaning up, which means you go through the roll slower than you would with cheap, 1-ply toilet paper. However, the extra thickness can also cause plumbing issues, so being mindful of that will help you to cut down on the amount you use to only what's necessary. 

Still, some products are designed with this in mind and are made to break down fast in septic systems so you can look out for this as you shop. Another important thing to keep in mind when considering whether to save or splurge is that you don't need to go with the most expensive 3-ply toilet paper because 2-ply also offers plenty of the same benefits. 3-ply is more for luxury offices or hotels so 2-ply is completely fine for the home setting.