Leave The Frameless Shower Door Trend In The Past & Try This Cozy Idea Instead

Frameless shower doors have been in vogue recently because of the modern aesthetic they offer. They create a sleek, seamless look in the bathroom because the absence of the visual separation of the shower makes the space feel more cohesive. Because they're all glass, frameless shower doors also make the bathroom look and feel bigger. Time might be up for the all-clear look, however, as people seem to miss the coziness offered by a defined shower area. Consider keeping the glass but embracing a more unique design with your shower door frame by incorporating an arched entrance.

A lot goes into choosing the perfect door for your shower and the glass style and framing are high on the list of considerations. Both will determine how much cleaning you'll be doing and also the appearance of the whole bathroom. By choosing a unique shower frame with a clear door, you can create some visual interest in this space while still benefiting from the openness of the glass. 

Arched shower entrances

Arched entrances offer a very unique look because the size and softness of the curves easily create a cozy atmosphere. An arched shower entrance is a great way to have a focal point, define the area, and make it feel a bit private while the glass covering still maintains an open feel. You can incorporate this design by getting doors with built-in arches, or an arched wall if you have a walk-in shower. Luckily, you can DIY an arch with foam if the existing wall is already there. 

With this concept, use color and texture to create as much definition as you'd like. A way to emphasize the arch is to create a dark wall on the outside paired with a light wall on the inside of the shower area, or have a light wall on the outside paired with a statement backsplash on the inside. Having an outline on the glass doors can also add more definition. You can even make a statement with the inner side of the arch by adding an interesting tile there as well.

Grid doors and barn-style sliding doors are some other ideas

Grid doors and barn sliding doors are two other stylish options. A grid shower door is a bold feature that makes the space feel modern, clean, and sharp, and can act as the focal point in the bathroom. Barn-style sliding door frames, like the Arelo Semi-Frameless Glass Sliding Shower Door sold by Basco Shower Enclosures, are a small step away from completely frameless doors. They provide a full outline with handles on the glass, but still have the all-clear look which is great for creating that definition while saving visual space. 

These two door types can be chosen in various colors like black, silver, or gold, giving you the chance to make it as bold or as inconspicuous as you'd like. To make the grid door or sliding door frame cozy, we recommend staying away from dark colors for the materials. You need warm colors for the frame and the handles, or warm colors and materials for the other elements. For example, a black steel grid door frame will pair well with a rich green backsplash or cream floor tiles.