DIY The Perfect Memorial Day Wreath With A Few Fun Dollar Tree Items

If you're looking for an inexpensive and easy way to decorate for Memorial Day, you can DIY adorable home decor with Dollar Tree items. Dollar Tree has tons of patriotic supplies to help you craft the perfect Memorial Day wreath, and everything costs $1.25. From flowers to garlands and bows, you can choose the perfect red, white, and blue materials to celebrate the holiday and honor United States veterans. The well-known retailer also has a variety of small decorations, like stars and flags, that could be used to make your wreath pop. You might also consider Dollar Tree's patriotic bow assortment to bring life to your Memorial Day wreath.

To start, you'll want to choose a wreath form. Dollar Tree has the simple and versatile metal wreath form, as well as floral foam rings. You may choose to deck out the metal wreath form with all kinds of ribbons or use the foam form to hold various faux flowers. Additionally, you might use both forms in conjunction with each other to create a fuller, more three dimensional decoration. You can easily brighten up your front porch with this colorful Dollar Tree DIY.

Crafting your Dollar Tree DIY Memorial Day wreath

One simple way to make a vibrant wreath is by using deco mesh ribbon. Dollar Tree's decorative mesh with metallic accents would be perfect for this project, as the shininess of the ribbon makes it look rather patriotic. This ribbon has a stiff texture and can be cut into pieces that will curl beautifully to add interest to your wreath. Tie pieces of red, white, and blue ribbon together so that each piece curls up and fasten the groupings to the metal wreath form with matching pipe cleaners or hot glue. If you're afraid your decoration will get too bogged down by only using the same three colors, you might consider adding in a tan burlap ribbon for a change of color and texture. Alternatively, try wrapping some jute cord around your wreath.

For those that would prefer a poofy look as opposed to curled ribbon, unwrap your deco mesh while keeping it on the rolls, tie the ends of your three or four colors together, and then attach them to your metal frame with a pipe cleaner. Now, attach the ribbons to the frame with another pipe cleaner about 6 inches down and puff up the ribbons. Continue doing this all the way around, twisting the ribbons as you go so that you can see every color, and cut off the excess deco mesh. Wired patriotic garlands could also be woven throughout your decoration for extra flair.

Ways to personalize your Memorial Day wreath

Rather than only using ribbons as the base for your wreath, consider some patriotic flowers. Dollar Tree has these six stem artificial bouquets of red, white, and blue that could be inserted directly into a foam frame. Additionally, you might also use the artificial Americana flower bushes, which have florals that resemble the American Flag. If you're concerned your flowers will move around if you just stick them in, you could use hot glue for more stability. Additionally, you might decorate a smaller foam frame with flowers and a larger metal frame with ribbon and connect them for a fuller aesthetic.

Once you have the flower and ribbon base of your wreath, you can decorate with all kinds of accessories to enhance it. For example, you might take a Dollar Tree wall sign, like the patriotic wall decor, and attach it to the front of your wreath, or cut pieces off the decoration to add to your Memorial Day decor. The patriotic gnomes with bells would also look adorable hanging down from your wreath or placed on the side. Dollar Tree's patriotic foam glitter stars come in packs with various sized stars that could easily be glued sporadically around your wreath, and the miniature American flags could be stuck into a foam wreath or glued to a metal type. Once Memorial Day is over, this wreath could be saved to help you decorate for the Fourth of July later in summer.