Repurpose Old Bricks Into Beautiful Light Up Patio Decor

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Fun or chic decor can transform a dull patio space into an area you and your family actually enjoy. Retailers sells a wide variety of patio decor options to suit any aesthetic. However, these items can get pricey, especially when you consider the fact that many pieces can be made at home. You'll often find that you can DIY patio decor with items you already have. For example, it's unbelievably easy to craft a decorative outdoor light by repurposing an old brick. This trendy idea will help you design your perfect patio. All you need in addition to the brick are LED tea lights from Dollar Tree. The lights are only $1.25

If you do not already have an old brick, you can purchase one from Home Depot or your local home improvement store. All of the materials you need to build this DIY come out to less than $5. This is an affordable alternative to other decorative outdoor lights that might not fit into your budget. You might want to consider buying multiple bricks and sets of LED tea lights to place throughout the space for an outdoor patio idea that will revamp your space.

How to create this decorative patio light

As you can see in the YouTube video uploaded to the channel The Daily DIYer, you simply set the brick upright and place your lights within each of the three holes. The YouTuber explained that you can purchase remote controlled lights if your prefer. If you go this route, you might want to consider buying colorful lights instead. The Smallpenglai set of 12 color-changing LED tea lights from Amazon will allow you to illuminate your patio with a variety of fun colors. They are only $10.99. You can also further customize this project by painting your brick an eye-catching color or pattern.

Although this DIY is incredibly simple, there are still a few things you should keep in mind to ensure you pull it off successfully. This will help you achieve the perfect lighting for your space without error. Do not forget that the LED lights are not waterproof, unless the packaging or care instructions specifically state otherwise. You will need to bring them inside ahead of rain storms so that they don't become damaged. Additionally, you might be tempted to glue the lights down in the brick's holes. However, most of the LED lights include a battery pack and a operating switch on the bottom. Avoid gluing them down so that you still have access to these operating features.