20 Dollar Tree Must-Haves To Keep Your Office Organized And Stylish

Whether you are looking to outfit a cubicle, home office, or work-from-home space, finding the perfect way to organize all of your essential office supplies can be overwhelming. The more supplies needed, the greater the capacity for chaos and clutter. A neater workspace can mean a much more productive one and a clearer head. But you also want to create a space that is beautiful and inspires creativity while providing maximum focus. Luckily, at Dollar Tree, you can find various types of ingenious storage solutions perfect for your workspace.

No matter the size and nature of where you do your best work, these options are incredibly budget-friendly and completely customizable to your needs. There are also a great number of hacks and repurposing DIYs that create amazing new storage solutions with Dollar Tree supplies. These DIYs can help you get organized and solve some of the challenges of melding functionality with style and aesthetics. 

1. Pen holder

Pens can be one of the more unruly items on your desk to keep both within easy reach while at the same time neatly organized. A great pen cup needs to be large and sturdy enough to hold the essentials, but also stylish enough to be out on the surface of your workspace. While Dollar Tree has a number of great options specifically labeled pen holders, like these cute colorful plastic iridescent pen cups, you might also want to think outside the box, like these shiny tin buckets that are the perfect size for also holding larger items like scissors, thick markers, and more. 

2. File organizers

If you keep a lot of paperwork and file folders in your workspace, you may be looking for a great way to stow things in easy reach. These cardboard file holders from Dollar Tree not only come in some lovely patterns, but are sturdy and large enough to hold envelopes, invoices, and journals. Line up several in coordinating patterns on the surface of your desk or a nearby shelf to keep papers neat and out of sight. They also are a good place to stash planners, notebooks and journals that you use everyday.

3. Peg board

Social media platforms and Pinterest are awash in gorgeously appointed desks using pegboards as a spot to hold office and craft supplies cleverly hanging aloft. These Dollar Tree square peg boards, which come in black or white, are great to use with peg board hooks to keep everything visible and easily grabbable when you're working. You can also pair the peg boards with these small suspended peg board shelves. The peg boards also come in larger rectangular panels.

4. Corkboard

Corkboards are great for posting your favorite things, important notes, or inspirational clippings above your desk. While many can be sort of bland,  YouTuber Cr8wcahyluh recently showed how she took a Dollar Tree cork board and transformed it into an artful custom board using paint and asymmetrically placed tape. She added adorable push pins made with binder clips to hold notes and photos above her workspace. Leave yours blank and filled with mementos, or paint the wood frame another shade that matches your office design. You can also swap out the frame for a vintage one.

5. Power strip

Keeping all your electronics plugged in and ready to go is essential for a well-appointed workspace, and that includes power strips and outlets where you need them. Dollar Tree has Sunbeam power strips available at a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. One is shown here suspended using one of the retailers very versatile wire baskets and some small screw in hooks to keep it out of sight but within easy reach. Suspending it keeps it safely up off the floor and prevents a tangled morass of cords.

6. Storage bins

Storage for larger items is often essential in a workspace, whether you are stashing notebooks, camera equipment, or paper files, Dollar Tree has a number of great larger baskets and bins, including collapsible fabric cubes, sturdy and colorful locker bins, and square bins with handles. All are sleek and stylish enough to hide away clutter and supplies while looking great doing it. Use them in a cabinet or on a shelf, or tucked under your desk. They also fit perfectly into those popular cube-shaped bookshelves from retailers like Target and IKEA.

7. Drawer organizers

Desk drawers can easily become cluttered and overwhelmed with stuff like pens, scissors, markers, and other smaller supplies that often wind up getting lost in the shuffle. Dollar Tree has many options for shallow drawer organizers, including sleek clear plastic bins and trays. They also have deeper solid rectangular organizers in a variety of shapes and sizes. For a sleeker, industrial look, try these stylish wire mesh organizer inserts. For deeper drawers, these Jot interlocking bins provide great storage for a number of items and nest conveniently inside each other. 

8. Supply caddy

Desk and office supplies sometimes need to be portable, particularly if you like to be able to move your workspace around your home. Dollar Tree's plastic craft caddies make a great way to easily and compactly both stow and carry your supplies with you. The handled container is larger, allowing lots of rooms for pens, brushes, markers, and notebooks. These caddies also make excellent additions to your family's homework station, since they can be moved around and stowed away when not needed.

9. Plastic boxes

Dollar Tree has a huge selection of plastic containers with matching or attached lids to keep supplies well-organized and in place. They range from deep storage plastic bins great for storing equipment, files, and paperwork, to slender glitter pencil boxes perfect for stashing pens, markers, and colored pencils. Because many of them lock securely, they are also portable to take wherever you need them, including on-the-go. Most are stackable as well, making them a great fit for compact spaces like home offices that do double duty as other living spaces. 

10. Clipboards

Dollar Tree clipboards are a classic and easy way to display things on your walls, as well as to provide a sturdy surface for writing when needed. Use a single one for a small reminder board with clipped notes to self, or set up a whole grid of them as a place to exhibit calendars, art, important papers, photos, or mementos. They also can work well to keep all the details of a project fixed in one place and easily visible. Lay out a whole week's projects in a row on the wall to easily see your work week at a glance. 

11. Wire cooling racks

A popular repurposed item from Dollar Tree has to be the wire cooling racks meant originally for the kitchen. Internet DIYers have been using them for all sorts of projects, including using them to create an easy wire shelving units using zip ties to hold many of them together. The racks are suited perfectly for holding lighter and smaller essentials like decorative papers, stationery, and notebooks. You can also pair the shelves with other bins and baskets from Dollar Tree. These racks are also useful hung on a wall where you can attach other wire baskets and bins for an effect similar to a wired pegboard. 

12. Wood boxes

Dollar Tree has a great mix of plain wooden boxes that make simple desktop organizers with a clean and modern look, as well as endless opportunities for decorative customization. Use them as-is for a simple bare bones minimalistic vibe, or paint them your favorite shade. You can also use them in different combinations to create a larger organization system, like the above image, which uses two smaller boxes glued inside a larger one covered in cork sheeting. They also have small lidded boxes with decorative details perfect for items like paperclips, rubber bands, or binder clips.

13. Trays

Dollar Tree has a large number of trays on their shelves in all sizes and materials , including luxe gold plastic charger trays, deeper wood trays, and summer print trays with handles. They even have sleek faux marble trays designed specifically for your desktop. Many internet DIYers are giving them an upgrade with paint, decorative paper, and other accents to fit their decorating scheme. Use them to help corral other containers on your desk to keep things neat and contained and out of your way when working. Larger trays also make excellent storage for paperwork.

14. Crates

Like bins and trays, crates are a great way to stow a variety of office supplies. Dollar Tree's mini collapsible baskets look as cute as they are functional. Create a stack of them on a desk or shelf to stow notebooks, important papers, extra office supplies, or larger desk essentials like tape dispensers and staplers. For a more shabby chic, cottage, or boho look, use a few of these wood slatted crates  either painted or in their natural finish for keeping your desk both beautiful and organized.

15. Marker caddy

These Dollar Tree tiered pastel plastic pen holders are great for much more than pens, with many artists using them in their studios to hold large collections of markers, brushes, and colored pencils. They come in a variety of pastel colors, as well as basic black, white, and clear. Use one alone on your desks or enlist Command strips or hot glue to attach several holder for a larger art caddy. You can also combine them with other Dollar Tree plastic trays and bins to create a complex office organization system for under $10.

16. Small storage tins

Sometimes, the tiniest objects can be the hardest to store without losing them. Dollar Tree's small round tin containers are great for those items that seem to get lost in drawers and other large organizers. Some come with clear lids so you can easily see what's inside. Stack them in a tour on your desk, or use them inside a drawer to keep supplies contained. You can also add magnets to the bottom and place them on a magnetic board or file cabinet for easy access. Some stores have colored versions, but you can also paint the basic silver ones any color you desire. 

17. Wire dish rack

Another Dollar Tree item you can take out of the kitchen aisle and use in a home office are these wire dish drying racks. Many Dollar Tree shoppers are using them as a file folder or notebook holder on a desk or shelf. While the metal racks are quite large, you can also hold a few file folders in these wire napkin holders. They also work great as the framework for an electronic charging station for phones, laptops, and tablets, which can sit upright while they are plugged in. 

18. Clear plastic drawers

Dollar Tree's small clear plastic drawers are a perfect way to keep smaller objects easily in reach on your desk. These popular drawer systems are often used for a variety of storage needs in homes everywhere from the fridge to the bathroom. Their size, however, is perfect for your desktop, where they can hold supplies neatly and fully visible like pretty rolls of tape, stacks of colorful post-its, and brightly hued highlighters. They are also stackable, which means you can create larger configurations of drawers as high as you need them on a desk or shelf.

19. Book bins

These brightly colored interlocking book bins from Dollar Tree can be used in all sorts of way in a home office, including stashing books and magazines neatly. They also hold paperwork, files, and journals and keep everything from falling over. Use a single one on your desk or line them up on a shelf or cabinet to keep all the details for various projects in one place. Or set them up as a perfectly organized homework station for kids to keep important papers and supplies all in once place.

20. Wire basket

One of the most versatile items in Dollar Tree's inventory, these wire baskets are not only stylish, but sturdy and durable enough for various organizational needs. Options include shallow wire trays, round iron baskets, and deeper wire baskets. Use them alone to organize supplies or attach them up off the surface of your desk for elevated storage with magnets, zip ties, or binder clips. Use a shallow one in combination with a shelf riser to create an elevated basket with additional room underneath for other supplies or a second basket.