The Cardboard Drink Holder Hack That Keeps Drawers Clear & Organized

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It isn't easy to keep drawers clean without an effective organization system. Regardless of whether you're dealing with a kitchen drawer or a dresser drawer, clutter can quickly pile up and make it impossible to find what you are looking for. When drawers and their contents are unkempt, they can become difficult to open and may even break if you are not careful. With all of these frustrations, it's in your best interest to turn to organization tools that can help you beat drawer clutter on a budget. You do not have to purchase pricey storage bins or drawer dividers online. Instead, consider reusing a cardboard drink holder to maintain neat drawers. What once held your takeout coffee can now neatly house small items like USB sticks, hair accessories, rubber bands, you name it. 

You only need a few materials to transform a cardboard drink holder into an affordable drawer organizer. Along with the drink holder itself, you will need to round up a glue gun and some contact paper. This DIY is a great way to keep items out of landfills and make your home more eco-friendly. You can easily slide a few into your drawers and place items inside the cupholder holes to keep things separated. Here's how to declutter your messy junk drawer with this nifty upcycling project. 

How to make a drawer organizer with a cardboard drink holder

As you can see in the video uploaded by jesscateyeSQUAD on YouTube, it's pretty easy to craft this DIY organizer. You will notice that the YouTuber double stacks the cupholders with a makeshift rod in between to create a storage solution better suited to go on top of a counter or dresser rather than in a drawer. You can make this DIY into a drawer organizer by simply using only one drink holder. Start out by hot gluing contact paper onto the cardboard organizer, as shown in the video.

If you haven't been keeping your glue gun clean and the nozzle is all clogged — or you don't own one at all — you can instead use E6000 glue to attach the contact paper. You can snag some on Amazon for $3.99. A small hot glue gun with good reviews can also be purchased on Amazon for only $11.99. Once you have secured the contact paper to the drink holder, you can add other fun decorations. If you aren't fond of the embellishments used in the video, don't feel you have to go with a flower theme, instead, customize the decorations. For example, you can use craft pom-poms to add a bit of personality to the organizer. These can be purchased from Dollar Tree for only $1.25. Dollar Tree also sells craft fabric for the same price. You can opt to cover the organizer with this rather than with contact paper.