6 Makita Products For You To Consider Even If You're Not In The Market For Tools

Many people keep basic tools like screwdrivers and wrenches around to assist in simple emergencies and home improvement projects. Some also keep complex items like power tools around, even if they don't consider themselves to be ultra-handy people, in case they want to tackle a DIY project to save money. However, even if you don't have any tools and have no desire to buy any, you may be surprised to discover that there are some Makita products that could make your life easier. From the robot vacuum to the cordless fan, these items can come in handy at any time.

Makita is one of the best power tool brands out there. Its simple and practical designs, which take ergonomics into consideration, never fail to impress. Makita is also known for its lithium-ion batteries and cordless tool compatibility. This type of technology makes it easy to use many different tools from the brand, which is convenient if you buy multiple products from them. As with any tool, always follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines so you can protect yourself and also get the most out of what they have to offer. With that in mind, let's take a look at six unique Makita products that could be useful for all consumers.

1. 18V X2 LXT Brushless Cordless Robotic Vacuum Kit

The Makita robotic vacuum is known for its efficiency and ability to tackle microdust particles. It costs around $1,800 for the kit on Amazon. The kit includes two batteries as well as a remote control, filter, port charger, and boundary tape, which is used to restrict its movement around a space. The reviews praise the vacuum's long-lasting battery but report that it makes loud sounds and requires upkeep. One thing to know before buying any robot vacuum is that regular maintenance is typically needed. Therefore, though they're much easier to use than regular vacuums, they still need to be cleaned out.

2. 40V max XGT Brushless Cordless Pin Nailer Kit

Whether it's for a decorative molding project, upholstery work, or for holding pieces of wood together until glue dries, this tool is bound to come in handy. The best features of the Makita Brushless Cordless Pin Nailer are its low recoil and thin nose that can get into tight corners. It also has an ergonomic design and an LED light to help while you work. The kit, which comes with a carrying case, battery, and battery charging port, costs $600 at Home Depot. However, while great for most uses, one review advises against using this tool with hardwoods or in more professional projects. 

3. LXT Brushless Cordless Power-Assisted Wheelbarrow Kit

This is a battery-powered wheelbarrow that can run for up to 100 minutes and carry up to 290 pounds. It can make hauling heavy loads around the yard easier and more efficient. The kit is sold on Amazon for $1,400 and includes two batteries and a dual port charger. Reviewers on the product page like the wheelbarrow because it has a good capacity, a great design, and is easy to use. However, some reviewers complain that it isn't strong or stable enough for heavy-duty loads and recommend using it for simple projects only.

4. 40V max XGT Brushless Cordless 6‑½ Circular Saw

A cordless circular saw is one of those power tools that are recommended for any home DIYer because it isn't an intimidating tool. You can use it to make clean and easy cuts through wood and to create specific-sized pieces for a project. Makita's 40V max XGT Cordless Circular Saw has a really fast cutting speed, an ergonomic design, and an LED light that shines on the work area. Priced at $270 at Home Depot, one review on the product page praises this tool for its force.

5. 40V max XGT Cordless 13-inch Fan

Having a cordless fan like the Matika 40V max XGT Brushless Cordless 13-inch Fan on a job site offers more advantages outside of generating some airflow. It can be used even if there isn't a power source within reach and can eliminate the potential for tripping hazards. It is also portable and easy to carry around. Whether you're working in your garage, workshop, or outside, this cordless fan, which is sold for $180 at Home Depot, can help keep you cool when it's hot and stuffy. Customers like that it has a calming sound, especially when set on low or medium.

6. 18V LXT Lithium‑Ion Cordless Heated Blanket

This battery-powered Makita heated blanket would be great for chilly nights, whether you have a power source or not. It comes with buttons so it can be wrapped around the body, making it great to take with you on the go whether you're indoors or if you're away from home. It can be set on low, medium, or high and can also be put through the washer and dryer. This product costs $149 at Acme Tools, but keep in mind that the battery and battery charger need to be bought separately and cost almost as much as the blanket itself.