Turn A Dollar Tree Hula Hoop And Broom Handle Into A DIY Light Up Garden Arch

If you've been looking for a way to bring more character into your garden, this stunning Dollar Tree hula hoop upcycle will light up your backyard. With a hula hoop and two broomsticks from the low-cost retailer, you can easily make a cute archway to beautify your garden. To make this piece really pop, you can decorate it with spray paint, faux greenery or flowers, and simple string lights. This could be great for a patio or porch entrance, to enhance a walkway, or as a decorative trellis in your garden. You might stick your archway directly into the ground or use two planter pots to stick your DIY garden arch into. Alternatively, you could tie it onto existing trellises in your garden to make an adorable archway. 

While you may be able to find some string lights at your local Dollar Tree, they don't have many options. Instead, you can get LED copper wire string lights at Walmart for about $2. If you're looking for something longer or more suitable for the outdoors, Amazon has waterproof fairy lights for around $6.

DIYing your hula hoop garden arch

To create this DIY, you'll want to cut your Dollar Tree hula hoop open, but be careful — they are typically filled with small beads that could easily make a big mess. This is made easier by opening the hula hoop over a bowl or another container to catch the beads. After you've cut the hoop, make sure to turn it upside down and twist it around to ensure all the little pieces have fallen out. Once that's finished, you'll need two of Dollar Tree's broom handles or similar long, sturdy objects, such as bamboo sticks. Alternatively, if you have any old plastic brooms, you may be able to remove the long handles and upcycle them for this project. These will act as the sides of the arch, while the hula hoop makes the curved top.

Place the ends of your hula hoop into the ends of your broomsticks to see how your archway will be structured. While the arch should be about 5 feet tall, you could cut the broom handles to make a smaller arch if you wish or use longer rods to add height so people can walk underneath without hitting their heads. Once you're happy with the structure of your garden arch, take it apart to spray paint it whatever color you'd like. With this hack, you can make the perfect DIY garden ornament to enhance your outdoor space without having to stretch your budget.

Decorating your Dollar Tree light up garden arch

Since your broom handles and hula hoops are likely different colors, it's best to paint your pieces for an arch that blends into your space. You could choose white, silver, gold, or black for a more traditional garden vibe, or you might use fun colors to spice up your outdoor space and match your aesthetic. Since Dollar Tree typically only sells acrylic or washable paints, you may want to use spray paint left over from another project. Alternatively, you can find HDX all-purpose spray paint at Home Depot for less than $3. Once you've painted all three pieces of your arch, decide where you'd like to put it. Push or hammer the broom handles into the ground or flower pots before attaching your hula hoop on top. 

Now, you can wrap your string lights around the arch and decorate it however you'd like. Check your local Dollar Tree for any greenery that could be easily wrapped around your archway, or try gluing something like the floral garden moss onto your decor. You could also add flowers around the top, like Dollar Tree's daisy bushes, or if you prefer a different aesthetic, you could try the alstroemeria bushes. By looking through this inexpensive retailer's store, you can gain inspiration to uniquely decorate your garden arch. With this hack, you can create gorgeous light-up lawn decor on a Dollar Tree budget.