Our Real Estate Expert's Top Tips For Saving Money When Upgrading Your Patio

A patio upgrade can help make your outdoor space a pleasant gathering area for your family. If you are looking to put your house on the market soon, this is also a great way to increase resale value. While patio upgrades are certainly appealing, they can get pricey. As a result, they are inaccessible to some homeowners. Luckily, there are a few ways to save money when revamping your outdoor patio space. Bailey Moran, real estate professional and COO of Bramlett Residential Real Estate, shared expert insight on how you can make these upgrades more affordable. Using budget-friendly materials, incorporating what you already have, and opting for second-hand items are some of the tips Moran highlighted.

"There are some simple swaps anyone can make to enjoy their backyard without emptying their wallet," Moran explained while speaking exclusively to House Digest. "We all want our outdoor areas to feel like an extension of our home, but sometimes the little extras aren't worth the price tag." You do not have to purchase the most high-end patio furniture or completely overhaul everything you currently have to design the perfect patio. By taking a more strategic approach, you can craft the patio area of your dreams while sticking to your budget.

Use affordable materials and shop during winter

When planning your patio upgrade, there are pricier outdoor flooring options to consider, like porcelain or natural stone. These more expensive materials can give outdoor spaces a more luxe feel, so it is no surprise that they appeal to so many homeowners. However, there are affordable alternatives to many of these flooring options that help you achieve the same look for less. If you are a fan of granite or hardwood, for example, you can save money by purchasing brick or stone instead. "As much as we love the look of granite or hardwood, gravel and used brick/stone do the job for way less dough," Moran explained in an exclusive interview with House Digest. "And who doesn't love a bargain?"

You can also save a bit of money by being strategic when it comes to scheduling your material purchases. Monitor prices throughout the year to determine when the materials on your wish list are the lowest in your area. According to Moran, this is often during the winter. "The colder months are also a sneaky time to scout for deals since suppliers want to move material before the snow flies," she explained. Consider planning your patio upgrade around this.

Work with what you already have

Have you considered using the natural landscape of your backyard to your advantage when it comes to designing your patio? This is another tip Moran recommended. Not only is this method super convenient, but it is also free. "Rather than starting from scratch, I always recommend working with what you've already got," she explained while speaking exclusively to House Digest. "Nature provides better than any landscaper, so utilize existing trees for shade instead of cutting them down. And by keeping utilities like cables and pipes close to the house, you avoid pricey installation fees running them further outback."

Thinking outside of the box can also help you save money, especially when shopping for decor and patio furniture. Moran recommends mixing and matching with the pieces and design elements you already have. For example, if you already have concrete flooring, purchase wood furniture to complement the material rather than getting rid of it. You might also want to consider exploring your local second-hand store for affordable used furniture that is gentler on your budget.