21 IKEA Floor Lamps That Will Light Up Any Room With Style

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Floor lamps are so much more than just a means of illuminating an area. They can serve as a focal point in a room, like an architectural feature or a work of art, while helping tie together the design concept in a space. Additionally, they can also be utilized as a way of adjusting the atmosphere in a room. Soft light will make for a more laid back feel, while a bright light can be uplifting and energizing. If you need task lighting, floor lamps can accommodate this if they have a spotlight that can be angled in a specific direction or if they are compatible with dimmable bulbs. The size of a floor lamp is another consideration because it can help the room to feel balanced. Keep your floor lamps in proportion with the rest of your furniture to prevent the space from feeling cramped or enclosed. 

IKEA is renowned for its clever designs, eco-awareness, and affordable price tags, making it a safe bet for anyone looking for new furnishings. The Swedish home store has a huge selection of floor lamps currently available that will bring style and functionality to any space, from retro kitchens to coastal-themed living rooms. Here we share 21 of the best IKEA floor lamps suited to a wide range of home decor styles.

1. Sustainably-sourced

The LAUTERS floor lamp, $59.99, is one of IKEA's bestsellers, and it's not hard to see why. The solid wood base is made from sustainable sources, while the light-diffusing shade is constructed from recycled plastic bottles. The simple design means this lamp will fit seamlessly into any room, but it would look especially at home in a Scandi-style lounge or a coastal-themed beach house. The base is height-adjustable and has a handy hidden storage compartment for the wire so excess length won't make your room look cluttered. The wood base also comes in two colorways: ash and brown ash.

2. Multi-functional and space-saving

The TRINDSNÖ for $99.99 is a space-saving IKEA floor lamp that's a side table, a lamp, and storage all in one clever piece of furniture. Available in pale neutral shades, it will work well with most decor styles and would be a great addition to the bedside or next to an armchair in the lounge. The lampshade can be angled to change the direction of light. The storage component of the lamp is made from 100% polyester, 90% of which is recycled, making it another good option if you want to design your home with sustainable materials.

3. Budget-friendly

At $7.99, the BARLAST model is currently IKEA's lowest-priced floor lamp, though you'd never know from looking at it. The sleek, low-profile design of the base makes this lamp a great option for minimalist and modern style interiors. It's also flat-packed, which adds to the low environmental impact of the item and is part of the reason it is so affordable. The simple white shade creates contrast alongside the black metal base and gives off a soft, diffused glow that's ideal for bedrooms, living areas, and reading nooks.

4. Light-diffusing

IKEA brings us a new take on floor lamps with the VIDJA, $59.99, which is about as far away from a traditional lighting design as you could imagine. Its whole structure is made from tube-shaped lamp shades that are assembled like a column with no bulky base in sight. The shades are made from a textile material, softly diffusing light across the room for a well-illuminated yet cozy environment. Silver details between each shade contribute to the contemporary style of this lamp. The VIDJA floor lamp serves as both a source of light and a decorative accessory.

5. LED floor lamp

If you want the look of a high-end art installation, the PILSKOTT LED floor lamp, $129.99, is the ideal choice. It's perfect for anyone who likes to create a gallery style in their space. The long and slender U-shaped LED strip creates a striking look, while the light itself can be dimmed from a subtle glow to a bright and vivid glare. Managed wirelessly via a smart home app or the RODRET dimmer switch, this floor lamp enables you to alter the atmosphere in the room at the touch of a button. PILSKOTT will be loved by tech aficionados and interior decor enthusiasts alike.

6. Traditional style pleated lamp

The ÅRSTID IKEA floor lamp for $64.99 has a classic feel that will slot seamlessly into traditional-style decor. The white fabric shade features a pleated detail that gives it a delicate look which would work well alongside living room paneling for a timeless flair. Highlight the understated elegance of this floor lamp by buying a pair and setting one on either side of a vintage-style leather sofa, like this one from Amazon. Coordinate the brass-colored base of the lamp with matching accessories such as this four-wick bergamot-scented candle in a brass container from Target.

7. Sculptural focal point

The LÅGTRYCK, $69.99, is a reasonably-priced sculptural-style floor lamp. It is shaped like a column at a total height of 54 inches, creating soft low-level lighting. It features a woven pattern with 100% recycled polyester in white, making for a quirky look that becomes even more dramatic when lit up. The lamp would look cool in a retro-style space or alongside contemporary decor. Use it as an artsy feature in a living room or dining room, and pair it with walls in a warm white paint color for a fresh and welcoming look.

8. Sophisticated investment piece

At $349.99, the EVEDAL floor lamp is one of IKEA's most expensive lamps, but it's more of an investment piece than a quick fix for lighting up your room. Each smoky gray glass shade is blown by hand, ensuring every piece is unique. The light wood stem and black marble base are accented with real brass touches for an opulent look that will work well in a mid-century modern home or a contemporary luxe space. Compatible with the TRÅDFRI remote control kit, this lamp can even be wirelessly-dimmed.

9. Brass-plated luxury look

The UPPVIND floor lamp, $129.99, includes a base and shade so you won't need to worry about how to select the right lampshade for your lamp. This standard lamp has an oval motif, with an oval-shaped base, a hollow stand, and a slim shade. It comes in a brass-plated or nicked-plated finish to suit a variety of interior styles with a diffuser shade that emits a soft glow. Set this neutral floor lamp in a white-painted room for a sleek and simple style or position it against a dark accent wall for a stark contrast.

10. Natural braided bamboo shade

If you want to decorate with nature in your home, then the SINNERLIG floor lamp that costs $64.99 is the perfect choice. The hand-braided bamboo shade casts a patterned light across a room while effortlessly working with some of the most popular interior decorating styles such as bohemian and minimalist. When lit, the bamboo glows a golden color that envelopes the room in warmth. This IKEA floor lamp is an affordable and trendy lighting accessory that will remain in style for years to come.

11. Streetlamp-inspired

The SVARTNORA floor lamp, $89.99, is incredibly versatile with its Danish streetlamp-inspired head that can be angled in various directions to match your requirements. Use the light as an alternative to a nightstand lamp beside your bed or set it next to a dining table for an intimate dinner party. The lamp has an LED bulb, making it ideal for task lighting in spaces like a craft room or a study. You could pair the SVARTNORA floor lamp with the matching ceiling pendant lamp from IKEA for a coordinated look.

12. Swing arm adjustable lighting

The HALKIP floor lamp, $119.99, has an adjustable swing arm so you can create lighting and illumination exactly where you want it. The base is made of steel with a black paint finish, ensuring the piece is sturdy and reliable. The textile shade in dark gray would work well in any modern space including bedrooms and living rooms. Though this is not the most affordable floor lamp from IKEA, it can be expected to stand the test of time since it's constructed from high-grade, long-lasting materials.

13. Luxe brass finish

Looking for a luxury-style lamp at a budget price? Enter the EBBEMÅLA at $74.99. This short brass-colored floor lamp has a base made from steel with nickel plating while the shade is acrylic-coated aluminum, though you'd easily be fooled into thinking it was genuine brass. The metal shade features cut-out slits that light will shine through to create quirky patterns on the surrounding walls. Use this floor lamp as a feature in a glamorous boudoir bedroom or purchase two and set them on either side of a luxurious velvet sofa in an elegant living room.

14. Trio of painted glass globes

The SIMRISHAMN floor lamp, $109.99, will become the ultimate design feature in any room. The trio of long and slender steel chrome-plated legs topped with painted glass globes forms an instant classic that will look sleek in a space with mid-century modern decor. The base has a low profile that can be tucked beneath a sofa or bed frame, bringing the light closer to where you need it. Pair it with lamps from the same series such as the SIMRISHAMN table/wall lamps from IKEA that can be fitted as a wall sconce or used on a tabletop.

15. Machine washable lamp shade

Ever wondered how to clean your lampshades? IKEA takes the guesswork out of the equation with the ÖKENSAND floor lamp, $59.99. This has a removable textile shade that can be thrown into the washing machine for a quick clean. The lamp is eco-friendly as well as being easy to care for, with solid beech legs and a white shade made from at least 90% recycled polyester. Enjoy the soft glow created by this lamp in a living room or bedroom. Enhance the natural style of the lamp by setting it near houseplants and macrame decor in your home.

16. Ethereal cloud lamp shade

Looking for a unique piece? The VINDKAST floor lamp, $44.99, features a ruffled shade made from a combination of polyurethane and recycled polyester. The fluffy shape of the white shade is reminiscent of a cloud, making this lamp a playful choice for a kid's bedroom or a pretty and delicate option for a lavish living room. It gives off a diffused light that creates a soft and cozy mood in any space. This floor lamp represents excellent value for money for an unusual and quirky design that you'd expect to find in high-end stores.

17. Solid wood lamp base

The KINNAHULT for $69.99 features a turned base made from solid ash wood and a white textile shade, resulting in a classic style for this floor lamp that would work equally well in a formal dining room or a casual lounge. The washed out colors of the piece make it the ideal accessory to decorate your home like a beach house. Coordinate it with natural materials like a jute rug such as this one from Target or rattan furniture to enhance the coastal vibes in your space.

18. Industrial style

Searching for furniture ideas for an industrial-inspired home? The HEKTAR floor lamp, $74.99, fits the bill with its black steel frame and oversized metal lamp head that brings to mind old factory lighting. HEKTAR is practical as well as stylish with an adjustable lamp that can be pointed in any direction to shine light on a specific area, such as a side table or a reading chair. If a spotlight isn't what you're after, direct the light to the ceiling and use this floor lamp as an uplighter.

19. Rice paper shade

The VICKLEBY floor lamp, $17.99, creates a soft, diffused glow thanks to the rice paper shade that runs the whole length of the piece. The lamp is narrow with small feet, making it ideal for achieving a stylish look in a compact starter home. This lamp will work for any budget and could be a good choice for cultivating a cozy feel in a college dorm room or a young professional's apartment. IKEA also sells a slightly more expensive version with an LED bulb for $19.99 which will be more energy-efficient and long-lasting.

20. Overhead glow

With a wide arching metal base, the LERGRYN / SKAFTET floor lamp enables users to enjoy an overhead glow without the need for ceiling lights. The lampshade has a natural vibe that would look stunning in an earthy or nature-inspired room, with its beige knitted ribbons of polystyrene that disperse patterns of lights across the space. The circular base of the lamp has a low profile, making it ideal for slipping beneath a sofa in compact lounges. At $111.99 for both the base and shade, this trendy, modern, bendy lamp is a stylish steal.

21. Affordable statement piece

The BYGGKORN, $34.99, is an environmentally-conscious floor lamp with a steel base and a white shade made from at least 20% recycled polypropylene plastic. At 58 inches tall, it creates a soft light at the perfect height for reading, while the unusually-shaped shade makes a contemporary style statement. This is a very affordably priced lamp that looks much more expensive than it is, and it will look right at home in spaces with minimalist and modern decor. The BYGGKORN floor lamp is a breeze to assemble as well.