Build A DIY Lawn Leveling Rake On A Budget

Patchy grass, eroding soil, and flood zones in your lawn can all be signs that the landscape is uneven somehow. To create the healthiest outdoor space and a yard your neighbors will envy, a lawn leveling rake is the tool you'll wish you had sooner. It helps flatten the ground so that all the grass blades get their even share of sunlight and rain and you can say goodbye to pest-attracting puddles. Unfortunately, a lawn leveling rake can cost upwards of $70, or even more for those with larger rake heads. But you can DIY your own for just $30, saving you plenty of time and hassle in the process too. 

For this project you'll need five 2-by-2-by-42 inch planks, a swivel base socket, boom handle, wood screws, and a screwdriver. Home Depot sells the 2-by-2-by-42 inch planks for less than $2 each. You can get the swivel base socket at Lowe's for just under $12 and 3-inch wood screws for $7. Any old broomstick will work for this DIY rake. If you don't have one, a plastic handle from the Dollar store is the most inexpensive option. Building a lawn leveling rake is easy to do. It only takes a few minutes to complete and you'll be left with a tool perfect for leveling your backyard that can last you years.

How to build a lawn leveling rake yourself

First, cut one 2-by-2-by-42 inch plank lengthwise into four equal pieces. Then, stack the remaining four 2-by-2-by-42 inch planks horizontally next to each other, leaving less than an inch of space between the pieces. Now, at the left end of the stack, line one of the smaller cut wood blocks across the top vertically. Use the wood screws to secure this small block into each of the longer planks. Repeat this process with a small block on the right side and two in the middle. Each of the shorter blocks should be equally distant from each other. 

In the end there should be four long horizontal boards and four short vertical boards screwed together like a wooden rail fence. This will be the rake head. Lastly, screw the swivel base socket to the center of the rake head and insert the broomstick into the swivel pipe. And that's it! Your very own lawn leveling rake, at a fraction of the price. Now you can level your bumpy lawn without needing any heavy equipment. Store the rake inside a closet, garage, or shed with your other gardening tools, and use it whenever your lawn needs smoothing out.