Christina Hall Shares A Stunning Way To Give The Checkerboard Tile Trend A Fresh Look

Are you ready to change up your space with some lively tile but need a dose of inspiration before the installation? Christina Hall, an interior design and real estate expert starring in HGTV shows such as "Christina on the Coast," knows all the best ways to improve your home through designs and patterns. It's always a good idea to trust Hall regarding which design trends are in and out, so anyone looking to experiment with tile should know that the HGTV star approves of the checkerboard trend for the long term. She even featured a chic spin on it in an Instagram post!

Hall posted many stunning photos from a home she flipped in Tennessee for HGTV's "Christina in the Country," and one of the most standout aspects of the home was the bathroom — not so much for the toilet or countertops, but for the daring use of checkerboard tile. Rather than going for a more traditional or understated approach with the checkerboard tile by using it on the floors or as a subtle backsplash, Hall went for a fresh spin and let it be the star of the bathroom by covering the whole tub section's wall with that eye-catching checkerboard pattern. No homeowner should be afraid to follow Hall's footsteps and explore checkerboard tile, as the look goes back further than you may think and won't go away anytime soon — or likely even at all.

Christina Hall-approved checkerboard tile is more than just a trend

It's no surprise that Christina Hall enjoyed using checkerboard tile on the bathroom wall, as the HGTV star is no stranger to working bold and trendy tile into homes. Whether she's using deep blue tiles as an intense background for floating shelves, an eye-catching white, black, and gray kitchen backsplash, or a light and ultra-boxy look, you can always count on Hall to have a fun tile choice be the main character of any space. Although some of her trendy tile choices might be a little too funky for some homeowners, the checkerboard look has an extensive history behind it, and that bathroom tile idea can revamp your space.

Believe it or not, the checkerboard design goes all the way back to the hieroglyphic era from Ancient Egypt and found its way to flooring in Europe in the 15th century, giving the tile design a richer history than more contemporary tile patterns and styles that just come and go in the interior design world. So, if you want something trendy or historical, checkerboard tile provides the best of both, offering a truly timeless look — whether you use it to embellish a bathroom wall like Hall flaunted on Instagram for a fresh look or anywhere else in your home.

Make a harmonious statement when incorporating checkerboard tile into your home

Take notes on Hall's approach before choosing any checkerboard tile and putting it on the wall, as choosing the wrong color range for your space could clash, leading to a sloppy, overwhelming look, unlike the fresh, statement-making, yet harmonious vibe the expert created. In the bathroom, Hall applied the checkerboard tile; you'll notice that the space featured many browns and warm creamy tones, so the brown and creamy checkerboard on the wall was the perfect complement while opting for blue or another cold color would have likely clashed, ruining the bathroom's aesthetic.

You should also consider your bathroom's size when shopping for the perfect checkerboard tile. While a small checkerboard pattern can get lost in a larger space, opting for a larger design will be more proportionate, making more of a statement and helping the whole room look more harmonious. On the other hand, opting for an overly large checkerboard look for a tiny bathroom can be overwhelming, so balance is key. Look at how perfectly the tiles appear in the bathroom in Hall's post — large enough to command attention but not too big to the point where it seems off-putting. Moreover, the bathroom isn't the only place to apply checkerboard tile! It can also look stunning in living rooms, kitchens, and greenhouses — you may want to decorate with checkerboard tile floors, too. Just remember to follow Hall's example regarding proportions and color range!