Turn Dollar Tree Items Into Beautiful Modern Centerpieces With This Easy DIY

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If you are having trouble decorating your home on a budget, you might want to consider crafting your own decor pieces. Not only is DIY home decor more budget friendly, but it also allows you to create one-of-a-kind items that you cannot find anywhere else. Of course, you can also create DIY decor that mimics more expensive pieces that are out of budget. Either way, designing your own decor can help you create the home of your dreams. With just a few items from Dollar Tree and your local craft or home improvement store, you can make a gorgeous glass centerpiece with gold accents that will elevate your living space.

To complete this Dollar Tree DIY centerpiece idea, you will need two glass bowls, a small knob, metallic spray paint, a wine glass, a hot glue gun, and the rubber or plastic rim from a round container. Once you have finished crafting this decor piece and display it in your home, your guests will have no idea it was created using items from Dollar Tree. It resembles a high-end centerpiece you would purchase from a home goods store for a hefty price.

Where to purchase the materials to create this centerpiece

TikTok user @yetsika_homedecor shared a video tutorial highlighting exactly how to put this DIY centerpiece together. As you can see, this project is super beginner friendly. Let's dive into where you can purchase each of the materials you will need. Dollar Tree sells a wide variety of glass bowls like the ones shown in the beginning of the video. The Clear Glass Storage Bowls with Plastic Lids are available on the store's website for only $1.25. These might be the best pick because they come with a plastic lid. You can cut out the rim of this lid to use as the gold accent piece shown in the video.

Dollar Tree also sells wine glasses that you can use for this DIY. You can snag a few Clear Glass Martini Glasses from their website for only $1.25 each. Amazon sells various small gold knobs similar to the one shown in the video. The website's 2-Pack Gold Kitchen Cabinet Knobs are only $8.99, so they are a great choice if you are trying to keep things affordable. Amazon is also the perfect place to snag metallic gold spray paint to coat the container rim as shown in the video, such as the Rust-Oleum 340647 Specialty Metallic Spray for $6.83. If you do not already own a hot glue gun, you might be interested in Amazon's AdTech High Temp Combo Kit Mini Hot Glue Gun priced at $6.64.

How to use the DIY centerpiece around the home

After you're done creating this easy DIY centerpiece, you might need a bit of help deciding where to place it in your home. Making more than one and displaying them throughout your house can help create a more uniform feel, so this is something to consider. You might want to make two to place on your dining room table side by side. If you have more than one centerpiece, you can also place one on a kitchen island, and one or two on your dining room table.

This centerpiece would even be the perfect statement piece to help decorate a table at an outdoor summer party you might host. You could place finger food or other small treats inside of the bowl so that guests can serve themselves. If you would like to use one of these centerpieces outside of the kitchen, you could display it in a bedroom or bathroom as a decorative storage container. For example, you could place one on your bathroom counter and use it to store cotton pads or cotton swabs. It's an easy and versatile home decor addition.