Unsellable Houses Star Reveals A Daring Shower Design You'll Want To Recreate

Have you ever considered thinking outside of the box for your shower design? Neutral-colored shower tiles are always a safe option, but selecting a bold color is a great way to add a bit of personality to your bathroom. This is exactly what "Unsellable Houses" star Lyndsay Lamb did in a shower that she totally transformed. You can visit Instagram to see the photo of the stunning bathroom makeover, which looks like an upgrade you'd see on HGTV. Lamb got rid of the shower's gray tiles and switched them out with an eye-catching green option.

This shower remodel improved the atmosphere of the entire bathroom. The bold green tiles added so much personality to the space that Lamb didn't even need to add much else. Opting for statement shower tiles is an easy way to make a bathroom look more unique without having to incorporate too many traditional decor elements. If you take a look at the comments under Lamb's post, you'll see that her followers loved the transformation, too. "Well this is absolutely my dream bathroom," one user wrote.

How to recreate the green shower look

There are a few different ways to achieve Lyndsay Lamb's green shower tile look. If you really want your shower to mimic the one shown in the HGTV star's Instagram photo, you can use tiles from the same company. Lamb's bathroom remodel idea used materials from Arizona Tile, but even though she tagged the company in her post, she didn't specify exactly which tiles she purchased. However, a quick browse through the company's website reveals that the Gioia tile in the color "Avocado" is close to the color and design of the type Lamb used.

You can also purchase green shower tile from a variety of other sellers. First, though, make sure that the tile you purchase is safe to install in a shower — some tiles may be bathroom-safe but not shower-safe. Etsy seller RenwickTiles also sells green shower tile; it has a glossy finish, much like the material Lamb used, and it's $35 per square foot. Mineral Tiles also sells green shower tiles, though these are more of an earthy green color for those who may want something a little less striking. According to Mineral Tiles' website, these tiles are priced at $13.56 per square foot.

Once you've selected your preferred tile, consider hiring professionals so that the installation goes smoothly. This will hopefully increase your chances of achieving the same stunning results that Lamb shared online.