Stunning Home Town Bathroom Makeovers That Die-Hard HGTV Fans Can't Get Enough Of

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A well-designed bathroom can make a huge difference in the livability and resale value of your home. Plus, the perfect combination of form and function can provide you with an ideal space. And, when it comes to renovations, Ben and Erin Napier of HGTV's "Home Town" are expert visionaries at doing just that. From changing the fixtures to building a bathroom from scratch, their makeovers are vast and varied. They consider the original architecture of the home and then decide what elements they want to keep, and which details should lean more modern.

Whether you've just purchased a fixer-upper or you're looking for inspiration to remodel your current bathroom, there are several episodes that ooze great ideas. These makeovers are proof that bathrooms are some of the most important spaces in the home. HGTV has highlighted the following properties on its YouTube channels, each containing a brilliantly designed bathroom. Based on the comments from viewers, it's clear that fans are thrilled with these before and afters.

Modern makeover with an industrial touch

If you're searching for a compact bathroom renovation, this example is proof that you can make the most out of a small space with a few key changes. In Season 6 Episode 1, Ben and Erin helped their friend Jemarcus Ross rebuild a 1920s cottage and turn it into a completely new, modern residence. The client describes the bathroom as "spicy", which is reflective of its vintage wallpaper and extremely dated decor. He jokes, "I'm not sure if I want to step in there." Erin explains her vision, "So, we get rid of everything in the bathroom, but we keep that bathtub because it's cast's in great shape." Their goal was to turn this bathroom from old-fashioned to timeless.

Ben and Erin added new sheet vinyl flooring, a sparkling vanity, and symmetrical light fixtures. Although they kept the cast iron tub, they added wood paneling across the front of it to give it a touch of organic character. You can achieve the same look with removable wood skirts like these from WaterTech. While original cast iron tubs can be high-value, you will want to have your vintage tub carefully inspected before deciding to keep it as-is. Small cracks are difficult to see and can get worse over time. Plus, it is much more difficult to remove it post-renovation. However, if you can save the tub, it's a great way to cut overall costs.

An elegant Victorian restoration

If there is one area where Ben and Erin excel, it's staying true to the historical theme of the home. On Season 5 Episode 9, Ben and Erin sought to give this Victorian home a sophisticated touch. The original bathroom had an awkward layout, with a wall that split the space. Erin called the shower a "cave" because of its small door and entryway.

Brimming with Floridian charm, Ben and Erin succeeded in executing their vision of a "Key West Victorian". With a brand-new layout and a walk-in shower, this bathroom is unrecognizable. This renovation was even dubbed, "The Best Bathroom in Home Town History!" And, viewer @jeankeough845 commented on the YouTube clip, "I loved this one I agree the bathroom was so beautiful high end!" 

Bright marble contrasts dark wood, and peek-a-boo stained glass windows shine above each mirror. Erin wanted the sinks to mimic the look of the owner's vintage jewelry chests, as a nod to her mother. You can shop similarly ornate, traditional sink units like these from Wayfair. If you choose to knock down any walls in or around your shower, be aware of the location of any plumbing. Changing this can add additional expenses to your renovation, so it's important to weigh the costs prior to demolition. 

A guest room turned bathroom

If you have unused space in your home, you can take advantage of it to add another bathroom. In Season 4 Episode 11, Ben and Erin turned an unnecessary guest room into a luxurious full bath. It took a lot of imagination to visualize this space as a brand-new bathroom, but the duo was determined to create an envious master en-suite that still fit the craftsman theme. 

Complete with a walk-in shower, two sinks, and a soaker tub, this expansive bathroom is completely unrecognizable from its origin. Viewer @vickiemeisinger9632 comments, "I was so glad you were able to give them a large master suite...When you were able to knock out that one weird elongated box and then open up a private bathroom area with the tub...It just was a game changer for the couple." 

Although the finishes in the bathroom are modern, Erin and Ben made sure to keep timeless elements peppered throughout. They also decided to turn a portion of the previously unused room into a large closet. If you're renovating a smaller space, you may not want to put your main closet in the bathroom due to high humidity. However, an easy way to avoid this issue is to install a high-quality exhaust fan to remove excess moisture.

From outdated to ultra-classy

This major revamp is proof that even the gaudiest bathrooms have potential. In Season 3 Episode 1, Ben and Erin turned a dated bathroom filled with kitschy details into a jaw-dropping, spa-inspired space. The raised tub, over-the-top pillars, and gold accents made this bathroom look like it was frozen in time, and not in a good way. Erin exclaims, "An accordion door? What is this, an RV?"

The major layout change was the position of the tub, but the room gained a completely new flow. Rotating the tub allowed for more visual space and a more contemporary feel that showcased the tile. "OMG that master bath floor is," comments YouTube user @cherylfreeman-mandujano9980. If you're craving the same look, you can buy similar ones at Period Bath. The patterned tiles play off the modern, marble tiles in the shower, and the mix of old and new remains consistent throughout the home. This balance is key when adding contemporary touches while staying true to the character of a property.

A closet turned into a pristine bathroom

If your existing bathroom feels cramped, consider reimagining your floor plan to create more space. In Season 6 Episode 11, Ben and Erin reworked the layout of a 1956 cottage to create a brand-new bathroom. The original bathroom was small and dingy, so Erin and Ben recommended expanding the space by borrowing square footage from the closet to enlarge the overall size. They also suggested turning the hallway leading to the master suite into the new closet, in order not to lose any storage space. "The bathroom could then become twice as big," Erin explains.

The result is a gorgeous, en-suite bathroom with a spacious vanity area, double sinks, and a walk-in shower with iridescent tiles. They also added a tucked-away toilet closet for added privacy and visual separation. If you're searching for similar, oyster shell-inspired tiles for an eye-catching accent, shop these affordable strips from Amazon. Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have a closet that can be turned into an extension of the bathroom. However, if you have the option, moving a toilet to a small closet can give you more space in the rest of the room. 

Stealing unused hallway space

In Season 6 Episode 5, Ben and Erin saw the potential to turn a cramped bathroom into a spacious area with modern details. The toilet and tub felt crowded, but there was a "weird little hallway", as dubbed by Erin, leading up to the tiny bathroom. Her idea was to remove the existing sink and turn the hallway into an elongated vanity area.

Upon the reveal, the client exclaims, "Wow, all this space was here?" Although the rest of the home pays homage to the cabin-style exterior, this bathroom is sleek, spacious, and contemporary. After all, Erin and Ben are experts at taking rustic spaces and adding tasteful, modern touches. 

Deciding whether to keep your home's architectural theme in the bathroom can be tricky. Erin and Ben frequently flip-flop between installing entirely modern bathrooms and keeping with the existing aesthetic. If you do choose to modernize your vintage bathroom, make sure to pick low-profile pieces and timeless finishes, and avoid trends that could look dated in the future. For example, the black faucets and hardware instantly make the space more current, offering a simple and budget-friendly way to update your bathroom. You can purchase one with clean lines and a matte finish like this one from Home Depot for an easy swap. 

An era-appropriate mini-mansion

When a home dates back to 1906, it's important to play to its original character. In Season 7 Episode 9, Ben and Erin create a light-filled bathroom from scratch in a turn-of-the-century mini-mansion. In the original home, the current bathroom didn't exist at all. The awkward, narrow room was begging to be turned into something useful. For this renovation, Erin and Ben vowed to keep the space era-appropriate and add vintage-inspired details.

The empty room was transformed into a bright bathroom with a clawfoot tub, walk-in shower, and windows on both sides. This makeover was all about the details. And, @melangreathouse2209 agrees in the comments saying, "The details that both Ben and Erin implemented in the design of the home are absolutely 'stunning'." 

Erin notes that the wallpaper is typical of what would have existed in the original era of the home. It also brings out warmth from the hardwood floors. You can get a similar look with this fruit and leaf wallpaper from Morris & Co. While you can technically use any wallpaper in the bathroom, it can get damaged if you don't have good ventilation. If you're worried about it warping over time, use vinyl wallpaper or cover the paper with a sealant.

A master bathroom for mega-value

Upgrading your master bathroom can make a huge difference when you decide to sell your home. In Season 4 Episode 1, Ben and Erin focused primarily on the resale value of this quirky property. They prioritized the master bathroom and complimentary amenities. Ben called this space, "The World's Smallest Master Bath". After all, it was essentially a closet with a toilet and not suitable for a couple to get ready together.

Ben and Erin took the neighboring bedroom and closet and turned it into the master bathroom, emphasizing the resale value of a luxurious master suite over an additional bedroom. The new space has a cozy vibe, perfect for the retreat. "Love the master bath and bedroom suite,"  viewer @vickiemeisinger9632 comments. 

For a sentimental touch, Ben and Erin hung a painting that the client's mom painted for his new home. Asking a friend or relative to paint an abstract piece of artwork is an excellent way to get an affordable, large piece that holds a special meaning. Make sure to select the right frame to prevent any damage from humidity. Canvas prints, like the one pictured, should be sealed with a waterproof spray.