TikTok's Birding Community Shares Affordable DIY Dollar Tree Birdbaths

Adding a bird bath can be one of the best ways to attract birds to your garden or yard, giving feathered friends a spot to drink and bathe that is safe, clean, and out of reach of predators. While they come in many shapes, sizes, and materials from retailers, sometimes the most interesting ones are charming DIY birth baths. TikTok, in particular, has an excellent selection of great ideas using inexpensive and widely available Dollar Tree products to make amazing bird baths for whatever your backyard needs are and to fit your aesthetic. 

Most of these projects are beginner-friendly, requiring only some hot glue or other adhesives. The majority are also doable for well under $10, barring other added elements like fountain set-ups that will have to be procured elsewhere. You can even customize these projects in terms of color and design using an assortment of Dollar Tree items to fit most outdoor decorating schemes.  

1. Wire-hanging bird bath

For a beautifully engineered hanging planter, use the wire wreath form from Dollar Tree, which is available in several sizes, and a large plastic tray.  Drill or punch three holes along the perimeter of the plate to attach it to the wreath form with zip ties. Use some chains to create a hanging apparatus that meets at the top, or use twine or rope to suspend it. You can also add flowers or greenery to the outer frame to make the bird bath blend perfectly with the surrounding landscape. 

2. Pedestal bird bath

This amazing DIY takes several pieces of plastic dishware and turns it into a beautiful tall bird bath for your yard. You will need two serving platters and three large plastic tumblers. While Dollar Tree doesn't currently have these hurricane glasses in stock, other glass or plasticware can work equally as well, like these beer glasses. Begin with an upside-down tray as the base, then hot glue the stacked glasses, filling them with rocks in each to add extra weight that will prevent tipping or blowing over when the top is filled with water.

3. Stool and planter bird bath

Make a cute bird bath water feature for your garden using a few Dollar Tree basics and a solar water fountain apparatus from Amazon. You'll need a metal stool, a planter, zip ties, some faux succulents (or real ones!), river pebbles, and a large plastic bowl. Drill several holes in the base of the planter and use zip ties to tie it down to the stool. Place the plastic bowl inside the planter, then add rocks, fill with water, and add the fountain. Decorate it with greenery, flowers, or additional rocks to cover the bench.

4. Whimsical gnome bird bath

This simple, but adorable, design uses any three Dollar Store large planters as a base, like the Golden Gate Plastic Planters. Place two end-to-end and hot glue the top rims together. Add the third planter to the top, adding some rocks inside for extra weight. Use a large platter as the water holder, adding more rocks and colored gems in the middle to bring the water level up and offer a perch for birds, some of whom are also attracted to the sparkling and shiny objects. In the middle, add an adorable accent like a garden gnome. 

5. Illuminated bird bath

This unique hanging bird bath makes use of modified Dollar Tree solar lights to offer an illuminated DIY that's as pretty at night as it is in the daytime. Use a large clear plastic serving bowl as the base, adding some colored glass marbles or pebbles to the inside. Drill or punch holes along the edge of the bowl to hang with twine or chain. Attach a solar light underneath with some glue. Make sure to hang it in the sun to stay aglow all night or use battery-operated LED lights in the shade.

6. Wire wastebasket bird bath

Two wire wastebaskets form the base of this simple DIY bird bath. Place the baskets end to end and attach them with zip ties or garden wire. Fill the top basket with some rocks to prevent tipping. Glue a large platter to the top before filling it with water and rocks. Or user an oval platter for a unique variation. Leave it in its original colors or paint the entirety, making sure to use bird safe paint on the portion, which touches water. 

7. Bird relaxation station

Create a bird welcoming center with a charger plate and some river rocks. Add decorative accents and small bowls filled with seed and water. While Dollar Tree no longer has this particular cool bathtub dish, any number of other bowls can become a perfect mini bird bath if you add some rocks to bring the water level up, including these plastic oval dishes or floral print bowls. Add seed to a small dish or some nesting materials like string and pet hair tucked inside a mini birdhouse.

8. Hand-painted bird bath

Make a distinctive hand-painted floral birdfeeder from one of Dollar Tree's terrarium dishes, some acrylic paint, and a garden stake. Use a printed image to trace your design on the bottom of the dish with a marker.  Paint the image using dark and saturated colors. Allow it to dry before painting a second layer of a lighter color over the entire underneath surface. Punch holes along the perimeter of the dish and hang with a chain or twine from the garden stake and fill with water. This also makes a beautiful handmade gift for your favorite bird lover.

9. Auto pan bird bath

While this DIY also uses large planters as its base, it varies the water container, using a shallow automotive pan inside the planter. This top pan is removable, so it is a little easier to clean and replace the water without having to move the entire structure every time.  Glue the bottom of the planters to each other and fill the top one with some rocks or pebbles for weight. Set the pan inside the top planter and fill it with water and more rocks. Paint the entire birdbath a single color with eco-friendly paint.

10. Simple planter bird bath

One of the most inexpensive DIY bird baths, this one uses one large planter and the attached saucer to fashion a two-level structure that is perfect for decorating a small backyard or city balcony.  Remove the saucer and fill the planter with some larger rocks or bricks to weigh it down. Add some sand or dirt topped with some larger rocks. Rest the saucer on the top and fill it with rocks and water. You can also use materials like glass gems, sea glass, or shells to fill the top. 

11. Crystal bird bath

While this DIY uses thrifted glassware, you can create this beautiful crystalline bird bath with Dollar Tree glass and plastic ware. Start with a wider base like a serving or punch bowl, gluing other glass or plastic clear pieces on top of it to your desired height. At the top, add one or two scalloped platters for water. Options for the base include Dollar Tree glass vases like this pot belly design or decanter vase. If you use mostly plastic pieces, make sure to add some rocks or sand to help keep it from blowing over.

12. Dreamy blue bird bath

This beautiful blue tabletop bird bath is as functional as it is aesthetic. Simply glue a large serving bowl to a matching serving tray with a hot glue gun or some E-6000. Fill the bottom tray with colored rocks and glass gems. While the light blue of this DIY evokes a beautiful marine oasis, these bowls and trays are actually available in a number of fun colors, so feel free to mix and match. Place this bird bath on an outdoor table, stump, or barrel for an inviting spot for birds to linger.

13. Mixing bowl bird bath

Use several mixing bowls as an easy food and watering spot for birds and other wildlife like squirrels. Poke two holes on either side of the bowls and thread through two wooden dowels, which will serve as perches. This is a great configuration for a deck railing or outdoor table that allows you to add more water. This is also a great DIY for places that experience frequent high winds, since the weight of the filled bowls will not tip over as easily as a traditional birdbath.