Why You Shouldn't Reuse Cardboard Boxes To Store Extra Clothes & What To Do Instead

When storing clothes, you must ensure that they are properly protected. This includes keeping moisture out, deterring pests from eating through the fabric, and other damage prevention methods. For this reason, storing clothes is not as simple as just tossing the items in a box and placing them in a closet. If you have cardboard boxes in your home after a move, you might be tempted to use them to store your clothes. This is a convenient option when you already have the boxes on hand, but it is a common laundry storage mistake. You should not reuse cardboard boxes to store extra clothes because pests love them, they are not waterproof, and they can emit odor. Place your clothes in plastic storage containers with a lid instead.

If you were hoping to save a little money by repurposing cardboard moving boxes, you might be a bit disappointed by this news. However, you will end up saving more in the long run by avoiding clothing damage. It is far less expensive to purchase a few plastic storage containers than it is to replace entire boxes of clothes. The great thing about plastic containers is that they can be reused for years. When you remove seasonal clothes, you can use the containers to store other items until it is time to place the old clothes back inside to save storage space in your closet.

Use plastic storage containers instead of cardboard boxes

Although plastic storage bins do a better job of protecting your clothes than cardboard boxes, there are still a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing them. Storing your clothes in plastic containers can also lead to damage if you do not take the proper precautions. Clothes stored in clear bins risk fading when they come into contact with sunlight. Consider using solid-colored bins if you plan to place your items in a closet or other area in your home that receives a lot of sunshine.

Before packing your clothes, you can line the bottom of the containers with any old cotton sheets you might have in your home. This will help prevent your clothes from snagging on the bottom of the plastic container or scraping against it. Once you have everything neatly packed, store your containers off of the ground. This will make it harder for pests to find their way inside. Obviously, the bins will not break down upon coming into contact with water like cardboard boxes would. However, it may still be in your best interest to keep them off the ground and away from potential flooding that might have damaged your home or water leaks.