Smart Ways To Repurpose Cardboard Boxes After A Move

Of course, cardboard boxes can be annoying when they sit around in your home. However, think twice before throwing them out or leaving them somewhere, as doing so isn't good for the environment. According to Roadrunner Modern Waste and Recycling, hundreds of millions of tons of paper and cardboard take up space in American landfills yearly. So, please do the environment a favor and think twice before abandoning your empty cardboard box somewhere.

A Goodwill store — @goodwillgr on TikTok — posted an inspiring video explaining ways they deal with the many cardboard boxes they get from donations, including turning them into bales or shredding them to create new packaging. Did that video inspire you to want to take a more thoughtful approach to what you do with empty boxes? Chances are, most people don't have nearly as many cardboard boxes in their homes as Goodwill receives, so creative repurposing projects are fun and doable options. There are more ways to upcycle your cardboard boxes than you'd initially assume!

Use it as a stand for a vase

Are you looking for an ultra-minimalistic stand for a vase next to a chair, couch, or bed? Consider using your cardboard box. Not only will keeping the vase on top of your cardboard box save you money on a stand, but it will also help the environment. Check that the box is sturdy enough first. Also, consider using the box as a modern plant stand besides just a stand for the vase.

Create a letter box

Anyone who prefers old-fashioned communication or exchanges hand-written notes and letters with friends and other loved ones may want to turn their old cardboard box into a letterbox. Have fun decorating it in any colors and patterns you like to make it as visually appealing as possible, especially if you plan on keeping it in front of your home.

Design a lovely gift box

Next time you give someone a gift, do you want to present it in something more unique than the typical wrapping paper or a bag with tissue paper? Consider embellishing a cardboard box to use as a gift box. For instance, if you like to paint and the person you'll be giving it to likes flowers, paint a lovely floral design on the box. However you decorate it, the person will likely appreciate the uniqueness and effort.

Create a puzzle

Are you and your friends or family puzzle enthusiasts? Why not DIY a one-of-a-kind puzzle? Draw or paint a design on a flat piece of cardboard from the box and then carefully cut it into pieces so people can put them together to reveal your design like a puzzle. Even if it doesn't come out perfectly, your creation will likely entertain your guests.

Make a home within your home for your pet

A cardboard box is an excellent starting point for creating a pet space for your furry friend to hang out in your home. Just imagine how cute your cat or puppy will look lounging or playing in its new cardboard house! Of course, your cardboard pet hangout doesn't have to be as detailed and colorful as the one above, as your pet will likely appreciate it even without the fun polka dots and intricate roof.

Turn it into magazine storage

Before going out and spending money on a little bin or holder for your magazines or books, consider storing them in your empty cardboard box. Dress up the box in attractive fabric in colors and textures you like to help it look more stylish and better fit the room's aesthetic. You could even recycle an old piece of clothing or fabric into the coating for this DIY magazine storage bin, making it a super environmentally friendly creation.

Create a piece of art

Creative people who enjoy keeping art around their homes should think twice before purchasing another art piece to display on a stand or shelf or hang on a wall. Instead, embrace your artistic side and transform your cardboard box into a beautiful piece of art with paint or other materials. If you like the results, display the piece where everyone can see it. Think of how unique and intriguing your home will look when embellished with your artwork on cardboard canvases.

Organize your sticker collection

Stickers can be challenging to keep track of, as their relatively small size and flat textures make them easy to lose and misplace. If you frequently use stickers and struggle to remember where you put them and have a cardboard box with compartments, take advantage of that helpful structure. Add labels to keep your stickers in their designated compartments.

Use it for storage under your bed

Do you want to maximize your space with under-bed storage solutions? Cardboard boxes small enough to fit under your bed should be super convenient for putting clothes, cleaning products, or other items beneath your bed. So, instead of wasting money on storage bins for that somewhat hidden bedroom area, clean up your empty boxes and let them do the job instead.

Set up a mini basketball-inspired creation

Basketball enthusiasts may feel inspired to create tiny basketball goals. If you like this idea, consider cutting pieces of cardboard from the box into basketball goal shapes with reliable bases to stand on. Then, attach mini cups to the tops to look like the hoops. Keeping many of them would make a great addition to your home game room, exuding arcade vibes.

Have fun with crafts

If you have or babysit creative kids, they'll likely love working with used cardboard, so consider saving your cardboard boxes for kid-friendly arts and crafts. Animal themes are always fun for crafts, so maybe you and the little ones will want to start with cute cat, dog, fish tank, or bunny-inspired projects for adorably repurposing your cardboard boxes. Once you cut some cardboard to work with, let the kids have fun with all the art materials you have.

Cut the cardboard into ornaments

If you're feeling festive and want to DIY ornaments for your Christmas tree, cardboard is an excellent material for the project. Cut flat pieces from the cardboard box into any shapes you want for the ornaments, such as circles or stars, add a string to put them on the tree, and decorate the shapes however you desire, perhaps with red and green details.

Use it as a temporary table

Not everyone has their furniture situation sorted out and ready to go once they move into a new home. If you find yourself in that scenario and haven't yet found the right table for your new kitchen, there's nothing wrong with eating on a larger cardboard box until you find a good piece of real furniture. While not the most glamorous set-up, eating over a cardboard box as a temporary solution is better than just putting your plates and cups on the floor.