The Easy IKEA IVAR Hack That Creates Hanging Shoe Storage In A Snap

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Many IKEA finds are perfect for keeping shoes organized. Proper shoe organization makes a closet less cluttered, which frees up more space to store other items. The IKEA IVAR cabinet can help you accomplish this. It includes adjustable shelves that you can place your shoes on top of. This is one of the best ways to organize your closet. The cabinet includes doors that keep your stored items concealed and out of sight as well. This product has so many helpful features, but wouldn't it be nice if it could hold just a few more shoes? Well, you can use hooks to add a shoe-hanging feature to the IKEA IVAR cabinet.

This will allow you to hang shoes from each shelf in the IKEA IVAR. Depending on the size of your shoes, you may also be able to slide a pair on each shelf below the hanging ones. Once all of your shoes are placed inside of the cabinet, you can set anything you want to display on top of the IKEA IVAR. This shoe storage hack might change the way you organize your closet forever.

How to use hooks to transform the IKEA IVAR cabinet

There are a couple methods you can use to turn the IKEA IVAR cabinet into hanging shoe storage. If you already have an electric drill, purchase ceiling hooks to install inside of the cabinet. Amazon sells a pack of 12 Vinyl Coated Ceiling Hooks for only $3.99. The product description for these hooks reveals that all you have to do to install them is drill a pilot hole for each hook and screw them in place. 

Those who would like to install the hooks a bit faster might be more interested in Amazon's Adhesive Hooks for Hanging. They are on sale for $12.99 at the time of this writing. To attach these hooks to the IKEA IVAR, simply peel the protective layer off of the adhesive side and stick them under each cabinet shelf. When installing the hooks, be sure to leave enough room between each one for your shoes. This is important to keep in mind regardless of which hook style you purchase.

Once you have added hooks to the IKEA IVAR, you will have an affordable shoe storage solution that can help keep your closet organized for a fraction of the price of similar products. For reference, the IKEA IVAR is priced at $100. The ON-TREND Minimalist Slim Shoe Cabinet with Hanging Hooks, a similar product sold by Bed Bath & Beyond, is $285.99. This IKEA shoe storage hack is a great way to save money.