Your IKEA TJUSIG Shoe Rack Can Double As Seating Space With This Clever Hack

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Multifunctional furniture is great because you're getting more bang for your buck. However, sometimes it's not always obvious that you've purchased something that has multiple uses, like the TJUSIG shoe rack from IKEA. Although it may look like just a regular shoe rack, with a little patience and some elbow grease, it can also be a bench that's perfect for your entryway.

TikTok user @selenebuildsthings showed the internet how using wood, paint, and a stunning pattern can turn this affordable IKEA product, which is currently $25, into a multifunctional furniture piece that you can sit on and store your belongings. Although IKEA sells a bench version of the shoe rack, this is a great hack for those who already have TJUSIG at home without the bench. This DIY also promotes sustainability, and using what you've got. After all, why throw away a good piece of furniture for a different version when you can upgrade it with a few simple steps?

How to add a bench to a shoe rack

To get started on this DIY, first empty the shoe rack of your belongings. Next, grab a thick, rectangular piece of wood and place it on top of the shoe rack to see how well it fits. If it needs to be cut down, carefully use a power saw — or any other wood-cutting device you have — to trim it down to size. Before doing so, make sure to take measurements and mark down where the cuts need to be made to avoid making it too small. Once you're done with that, sand down the wood to create a smooth surface so that the coat of paint can go on smoothly. TikTok user @selenebuildsthings painted their wood white to match the shoe rack, but feel free to choose any color that fits your entryway. Also, make sure to apply primer first to ensure the paint lasts longer.

After you've applied a few coats of paint and let it dry, place the wood board on top of the shoe rack to transform it into a bench. You can stop there or add some charm to the bench by painting a beautiful pattern with a stencil, like the 12-piece boarder stencil from Amazon for $12.99. You could also apply contact paper for a more contemporary design with the Cohoo Home Store marble contact paper, also from Amazon for $5.59, or throw some Target cushions ($50.99) on top for a comfy place to sit.